Rainbow Runner

Rainbow Runner

I went out for a dive a little while back with the local population of Mantas and found myself surrounded by hundreds of small rainbow runner. I couldn't get away from them, it was truly awesome.


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Always awesome to get schools

Thu, 2011-10-13 16:39

Always awesome to get schools of fish surrounding you when diving.



Looks like theres more rainbows there than the Mardi Gras parade, haha.

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Striped Fusilers

Sun, 2011-10-16 12:19

Striped Fusilers

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Yep Fusilers (GT lollies)

Mon, 2011-10-17 08:54

GT''s favourite they eat these things like kids would lollies in a candy store. Always a good sign to see these schools when your chasing Geees. If other conditions are good and things line up normally makes for a good day.