5kg coronation trout,


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Wed, 2006-05-03 22:44

what a stunner...not you gully, the fish!!

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Thu, 2006-05-04 09:02

Glad you added that last bit mate otherwise I would be a bit worried.

Just jokes mate cheers for that glad you liked it. Wish I was still there


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Sat, 2006-05-06 11:00

Lovely fish..........

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Thu, 2006-05-11 17:10

To me this is a 95% er!
This is a really good photo!
It could be a tiny bit better tho..

Whats good?
No sunnies, good use of fill flash, good color saturation - happy face on the angler, conveys the jubilant mood. Great Fish!

What could be better?

Don't be scared to crop a photo before you submit for publication - the sleeve of a Merc fan MIGHT be a problem for a publisher for example who's major advertiser is say Yamaha! ;o)

With the fish - bring the head forward just a little so the EYE is the focus point of the lense - you should ALWAYS focus your camera on the Fishes eye as the central part of the shot - it is the thing anglers immediately look at to see if the fish is alive for example and our eyes are just naturally drawn to a fishes eye, to see if it is alive and represents any potential threat to us, so it should be front and centre and crisp sharp!

Remove finger tips from behind gill plate and just 'support' the fish with that hand under the pectoral fins with a flat or very gently cupped hand!

With the fantastic color saturation of the fish against "lady lillywhite holding it" he he he, :wink: some "polarisation of the sky and sea background" would have added a similar degree of color saturation to the background making a great "postcard" sale-able shot IMHO!

Again a verticle shot of same with no sleeve, polarised background, some better eye vision and room across top / side would be a definite cover shot!

Again don't take this as criticism of whats a fantastic pic just consider it 'constructive criticism' aimed at improving the next one!

So far this pic would be my selection for a vote!

You can see I would be a very hard editor to satisfy!
These are the standards editors of top end angling magazines have demanded of me in the past!

For anyone wants to pubish and acually get paid for it (as opposed to self publishing on the bet for free!) needs to know what the editors are looking for!

Hope this helps with future pics!