What 4WD would you recommend for around 15 - 20K?

 Gday guys my son wants to start looking to buy his first 4WD, he's got up to 20K to spend. It will be for just beach and tracks fishing / camping.  Im no expert on second hand 4WD's just thought i would put it out there and see what suggestions we get. Cheers for any thoughts/tips 

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4 wheel drive

Mon, 2023-07-03 12:56

 Hi it would help to know 4 or 6 cylinder, type of use cheers.

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Beach and sand tracks on weekends, be able to sleep in back if

Mon, 2023-07-03 14:03

 needed, no heavy towing required, auto transmission, not wanting a trayback/dual cab as he will use it as a work vehicle for tools atc when he finishes electrical apprenticeship  and prob favour a diesel. Ive got a nissan pathfinder Ti diesel which i find great on beach and tracks, just wiondering about some other makes models  ? prado ?patrol

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At that price

Mon, 2023-07-03 14:41

 It won't matter too much which make he decides.

It will come down to condition and hystory.

Not much choice when it comes to wagons but having owned a few I'll add some opinions.

Keep in mind I'm bigger than the average bear so that will feature in my comments.


Prados - Good vehicles but older models lack power (towing capabilty) and they aren't that large inside. But there's plenty of them about.

Nissan's - Hit and miss in my opinion. Either great with no issues or complete lemons. But generally cheaper but lacking in features.

MUX - if you can get one for that price grab it. Bullet proof drive train and very roomy

Colorado 7/Trailblazer - Same as MUX but 2012 -2016 has steering vibration issues at 100km/h. Need to replace suspension/lift kit or wheel balance every 5000k's

Jeep - Same as Nissans but more expensive to fix. Comfortable to drive. 

Pajero - Same as Prado but smaller and less power - Well featured though and cheaper/less km's for the price. 

Landcruiser - for that price it will have a tonne of km's on it. But they are the benchmark in 4x4's. Have a generous fuel budget. 


Anything smaller than that I don't fit into so no point commenting. 

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 agree as lefty said above-

Mon, 2023-07-03 15:33

 agree as lefty said above

- troopy be my 1st choice- expensive on fuel - but parts everywhere, go anywhere - bomb proof

pajero is the best buy 2nd hand for what u get for the price - and very capable

m8 just bought one 180 k on clock - top of range  in its day , leather interior etc. came with ARB stuff be worth close to the 17 K he paid for the car

if he is not in a hurry ...

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Mon, 2023-07-03 16:02

 Dmax last forever, triton are good and cheap too,

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 Prado or a Paj. 

Mon, 2023-07-03 18:17

 Prado or a Paj.


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 Yep I picked a 2003 Prado

Mon, 2023-07-03 18:31

 Yep I picked a 2003 Prado with 300thou on the clock and it's a charm, was  a lucky buy as the lady had just divorced and wanted it gone. Did the usual brakes new tyres etc and I put a roo bar on for him. Picked it up for 13k. They are out there just have to look hard. 


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 I've not long been through

Mon, 2023-07-03 18:48

 I've not long been through this with one of my boys in the south west but his budget was 10k.Fukn painful mate,contacted so many sellers to view the vehicle then they start there make an offer,not sure if I really want to sell bullshit then jacking up the price even more,crapping on about the fuel pump ect being tricked and all the other rubbish about big wheels.Most piped down a little when I said I'm a diesel mechanic and started picking.

Just putting it out there mate that heaps of these pricks are just trying to cash in on the used car market with radical prices atm so try to weed them out.Seriously it was a joke but good luck mate

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 I hear that, when I was

Tue, 2023-07-04 07:06

 I hear that, when I was looking people were buying unchecked, need their head's read. . I use a guy who does a full mech inspection,I wouldn't touch an older 4WD without that.  


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Tue, 2023-07-04 08:30

You will get a lot of pajero for that sort of money if you shop around a bit.

As others have said they are capable off roaders, mine was bullet proof.

If you find one you like my old mechanic is a Paj specialist in Bayswater, definately worth getting a pre purchase inspection for 4WD.

Highly recommend Drago, 0488426692.

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Colorado / Dmax

Tue, 2023-07-04 14:12

Hey Mate

Im a diesel mechanic so have a bit of experience in diesels. I would go a Colorado, in fact not that long ago I bought a 2015 Colorado for $20k which is my daily run around. Has the 2.8 litre duramax engine in it (Same as DMAX) Get stock standard, no work done on it just regularly serviced. The engines last forever..... From there you can put a 2" lift in it by just getting front spacers and rear spring hangers for cheap asf... Heaps of 33"tyres around for them (Same stud pattern as rangers etc) heaps of spare parts for them... Basically a Dmax and Colorado are the same vehicle. 

Just my 2 cents



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Wed, 2023-07-05 07:17

 I put 300 000kms on a 2013 Colorado 7.

I think the 2 inch lift cost me about 2k and was way better to drive.

My 5 foot tall missus wasn't a fan.

Have the 2019 Trailblazer now and very happy with it.

Not the most comfy but tonnes of room, especially for the driver.