Kaptan boat collars

 I'm looking around for camper trailer tinnie options a d I have seen one with a boat collar fitted.

Their claims look pretty amazing, has anyone Actually got one/can provide some real world feedback?

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Kaptan Boat Collars

Tue, 2021-03-02 19:55

 Like you Josh I was waiting for some real world feedback as i am looking at camper trailer dinghys.. The collars  certainly look good, I thought more people would like the idea their tinny cant sink if the worst happens  or appreciate the spray deflection if not the improved stability.  I assume they are seen as ugly, spending a grand on a small boat  not attractive nor the idea of drilling a lot of holes in the boat appealing. Why not take the dinghy out you have seen with them fitted for a sea trial  and post back your opinion. I too think they look worth having but I would not expect fitting and shelling out  for one would add value to the boat. I would have thought boat collars would be popular. If you check the classifieds for dinghys you will be battling to find a couple with collars fitted. I think they would also make getting in and out for a snortkle easy. Bit like some of the advantages of a inflatable without the disadvantage.

On the other hand  Im puzzeled as I would have though gun metal and black cars would not sell, I mean they absorb heat, blend in with the bitumen road so not  as visible as a light colour and show the dust and dirt. But hell people love them.


Seems the 3.7 to 3.8  fully welded no rivet dinghy is the go with a Merc 20hp 4 stroke if you are thinking new outboard.