Fillet possession limits

 Can anyone confirm that the possession limits for coral bay has now changed to 10 kg of demersal and 10 kg of palegic (skin on) or is it just 20 kg of fillets


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yes to 10 and 10.

Thu, 2022-05-12 18:02

yes to 10 and 10.

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Fri, 2022-05-13 12:31

 10 kg finfish fillets and one days whole bag limit.


but heres one for all the rule interpreters


had 2 different fisheries officers tell me


1. If you catch your one days whole limit in say the gascoyne - which is 5 demersals and bring back to Perth, where the daily limit is 2 demersals you are breaking the rules....cant find this anywhere in the rule book

2. Another officer told me thats not the case, as the zones are technically on the water.


glad to see how licence money is producing such consistent advice 


and yes the Minister, whatever his name is this week, will get another letter about the trial

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My whole point on

Fri, 2022-05-13 15:43

fisheries officers.( no dig intended) they have different views on rules . Not many give same answer .ask a question 2 or 3 different answers from different branches,Keep in mind they don’t make the rules, they also have trouble on interpretation on some fishing rules . Not many I know understand correctly ( in fishing community) . Not easy to follow , if it was easy wouldn’t be so many questions . Should be simple to follow and understand . Anyway good luck on your trip

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By "bring it back to Perth",

Fri, 2022-05-13 18:59

By "bring it back to Perth", if you mean catch there and steam your boat back to Perth then yes you'll have a struggle getting that over the line.

If you have landed your fish in the Gascoyne region, then once landed it matters not a single iota what the "daily limit" is anywhere.

It is the possession limit that counts.

I'd have thought thatd be logical to anyone., like if Fisherioes visit your house and empty your freezer and ask "you must have caught those in one day"'


You can if you want but beware that if you make a mistake you have made a rod for your own back.


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agree with all that

Sat, 2022-05-14 08:11

 however, this was a dissussion about road


logical to you and me but not them 


raised it with slackfishwest, who threw us under the bus with these new limits and they refuse to raise with  fisheries...

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 Correct  the classic

Thu, 2022-05-12 19:02



the classic fisheries trial for 12months that doesn't ever go away 

and they wonder why fisherman hate seeing them

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 trial based on scientific

Fri, 2022-05-13 06:24

 trial based on scientific knowledge of course  ;p

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 Not just coral bay  state

Fri, 2022-05-13 09:43

 Not just coral bay  state wide was supposedly just a trial for 12 months then get reviewed wondering if they have checked with the marine biologist that emptys the bins in denam to see if it can be lifted or not.

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Geez, I hate to freakn ask

Fri, 2022-05-13 10:35

Geez, I hate to freakn ask but these rules are a complete head fuck by the wa govt and fisheries to read through.

Got a charter trip from Exmouth to the Monte's later in the year and returning to Exmouth.

What's the fish limits/possession that you can return with ? I presume 10/10 but worth asking you guys who may have done this recently.


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 from fisheries bag size and

Fri, 2022-05-13 11:03

 from fisheries bag size and possetion limit explained:


* You may be in possession of 20 kg of fish fillets of any species at your permanent place of residence, or if you have participated in extended fishing tour involving overnight accommodation on a charter boat, provided the fish are labelled with the person’s full name, the name of the charter boat and the date that the tour ended.



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 Think you will find that the

Fri, 2022-05-13 14:52

 Think you will find that the limit on the charter is 5kg.


Tom M

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 Cheers for all the info.

Sun, 2022-05-15 09:34

 Cheers for all the info. Certainly not easy to interpret.  


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