Whites moving

Whites moving

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Nice, very nice

Sat, 2019-11-23 20:02

North or south of the river and in what depth of water if you don't mind me asking.

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Yeah no worry’s

Sat, 2019-11-23 20:34

Gday Meg .. in close off Mindaire mate .
round 12ms ..water on sand with

hoki heads 3 day soak !!  

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Thank you

Sat, 2019-11-23 21:39

Thanks for the info, I'm down Mandurah way and no sign of the white run as far as I can make out.

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dont know if they are starting to thin out

Wed, 2019-11-27 07:18

or its just the amount of pots in the water now but I was getting my 24 everyday for the week and a bit, now struggling to get a dozen every day out off rocko

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17 in the pots yesterday

Wed, 2019-11-27 09:01

 2 today


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs