Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye to my Tinnie...The Frenzy. have a look in Buy-Sell/Swap-Trade
This photo was a memorable day at the Biddy where the Marlin, Sails, Dollies and Macks were going off!
The boat on the left should look familiar to a few of you.

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Fri, 2009-03-06 21:19

Looks like a pair of porcupines Rosco. ;)


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Good one Big John you beat me to it

Sat, 2009-03-07 06:48

SPEWIE LEWIE (not for much longer)

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Fri, 2009-03-06 23:30

The one on the left still looks like that today, except with an extra vhf. ;)


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I dont think you have enough

Sat, 2009-03-07 06:20

I dont think you have enough rods on the boats you need a few more you could be  a bit restricted Tongue out

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more rods

Sat, 2009-03-07 09:41

Im sure you can fit one or two more rods on there  hahaha

Bet the tiny has caught more fish then half of those bigger boats out there

they look great side by side nice pic

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Mon, 2009-03-09 21:43

The Frenzy has been SOLD!!!!
A sad day in the house of Rosco but a very happy day for a young whipper snipper who just got his Skippers Ticket and doesn't have to spend a cent to get amongst the big ones (Except petrol of course)
11 months rego and a full tank of fuel to boot!