thanks for all your help on underwater camera

thanks for all your help on underwater camera

Thanks to all for your help with our underwater enquiries it was great


As some others were wondering about them i thought i would put up a few specs about it


Well went out and bought one a Olympus 1030sw from harvey normans cost price $599.00 but my wife asked them for there best deal and got it for $510.00o alway pays to ask *lol*


The camera that redefines tough. The Stylus 1030 SW is one tough camera. The Shockproof, Waterproof, Freezeproof and Dustproof design gives active people the confidence to take this camera anywhere and shoot in nearly any condition. Plus, the wide-angle lens lets users capture more of what they see. Great for divers, surfers, rafters, skiers and anyone with an active lifestyle.
Accidents happen. A rugged metal body and revolutionary shock-absorbing construction are designed to withstand a 6.6-foot fall, drop or other mishap.

Innovative waterproof seals and gaskets allow you to take underwater movies and amazing pictures in a pool, lake or ocean.

Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other winter fun, this camera is winterized to perform at below-freezing temperatures.

With a rugged body and reinforced LCD, the Stylus 1030 SW withstands up to 220 pounds of pressure so your camera and images are protected.

A wider field of view ensures you’ll never miss anyone or anything in your shot. Great for shooting landscapes, underwater scenery, group portraits and amazing panoramic pictures.

2.7” HyperCrystal™ II LCD.
With improved contrast and color reproduction, the HyperCrystal II LCD offers a more accurate and precise image display, as well as an extra-wide viewing angle and increased visibility in direct sunlight.

This model camera is compatible with xD-Picture cards (not included). It also accepts microSD cards (not included) which are compatible with various consumer electronics products when using the included microSD adapter (MASD-1).

Compatible Cards by Capacity and Image Type

Card Type
Still Images

2GB and under
xD-Picture card

2GB and under

4GB and higher

*You must have firmware version 1.1 or later for movie photography using 4GB or larger microSDHC card.


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Be very careful of the

Sun, 2008-06-08 13:52

Be very careful of the 10meter pressure rating

have already stuffed the same camera in 3m

of water.

They are tested by static head pressure which means no movement while under that pressure.

Movement underwater above the static pressure level will end in tears!!!!

I have had a new 1030sw delievered recently from insurence but it was no good taking the problem to Olympus they didn't want to know.

Take a hint and make sure you insure your new camera before any H2O use or even better get a housing... 

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thanks will look at the

Sun, 2008-06-08 18:09

thanks will look at the insurance before we go . As we will only be snorkling on the top all will be ok  




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RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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Wed, 2010-09-22 16:59

always be sure to rinse it well with fresh water after using in salt.otherwise the buttons corrode very quickly.otherwise a really good camera for shallow work

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i got one, had it for a

Sat, 2010-09-25 09:21

i got one, had it for a while, treat it like absolute crap and its still going, one of the toughest little camerahs ive had. my parents got the model before and they love it. and my brother has the vanilla one, had it for about 4 years and he throws it in the esky full of ice, takes it diving up north, let it roll around on the deck no problems at all. only thing he has had to replace is the rubber seal from the battery compartment. wich the camerah store reckons to do everycouple of years. great little camerahs to take out on the boat fishing.

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We have one and use at burns

Sat, 2010-09-25 11:51

We have one and use at burns a lot into 6m deep and it is good!.


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