Stolen - Watersnake and Battery

Stolen - Watersnake and Battery

Hi Everyone,

hoping I can get some help keeping an eye out for a 54Lb Jarvis Walker SWTSB Watersnake (I doubt the battery will ever turn up).
the low life took it at 5:33pm Saturday 12th Jan from Sixth Avenue in Maylands.

I use it with my kids to get the crab nets in and they learn to move the dingy around safely and slowly - so its a real disappointment.

The thief didn't take the foot control unit, so I'm not sure how much use the actual Watersnake unit is to them. which makes it worse in a way - like someone stealing your phone.
costs you a lot to replace and its of no use to them :( :(

Id appreciate it if people could please keep an eye out for it.

Cut wires would be 20-50cm long attached to the unit I guess

thank you



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 Mongrels will keep eye out,

Thu, 2019-01-17 04:17

 Mongrels!!! Will keep eye out, sorry to hear m8.