Shark Bay Golden Trevally

Shark Bay Golden Trevally

 This is a 9kg Golden Trevally I caught off shark bay in Feb. Landed it on a 1-3kg rod, with my 2500 Certate off the beach. The size 6 bloodworm hook nearly straightend and i was suprised the 10lb leader i was using held. It was a good fight and there was a moment there where i though i was going to loose the fish on a mooring. The fish ran me up the beach into other fishermen who refused to take their lines out of the water, hoping they would hook on to a fish also. 


 Soft plastics + Light Gear = Big Fish + Big Fun

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Top effort Mitch

Fri, 2012-05-11 12:25

Great fish on light gear, and from the beach too!