Nice squid from the rocks

Nice squid from the rocks

 Hey all. Got this nice squid last week. It was on a 3.0 kanji clicks. I was letting it sink and felt wieght so i started winding in and i thought it was hooked. I got down to a lower rock ready for the gaff shot but the squid let go, it wasnt hooked. I dropped the jig back in and it came back and nailed it, this time i hooked it. I got the gaff into it but as i lifted it it fell off the gaff back into the water but lucky it was well hooked on the jig this time. I got another gaff shot into it and landed it. 27cm Hood which was followed by a 26cm hooded as well as 2 24cm hooded one.

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Sun, 2011-08-28 17:51

That's a fat squidly alright. Sounds like he made you work for the result though.


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 Ive never had a squid come

Sun, 2011-08-28 18:22

 Ive never had a squid come back once its touched the barbs, must have been in a pretty bad mood. Well done mate.

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 Thats the thing, it wasnt

Sun, 2011-08-28 18:48

 Thats the thing, it wasnt hooked haha. It was just holding the jig chewing it up. But ive had squid when hungry come back several times untill they get hooked even after being hooked or pricked.