Jig A Jig

Jig A Jig

After a blowy start to the day and trying quite a few spots in close (40-50m) for little reward we decided to head a little wider to try our luck.

Tried a few spots under 200m to start and got some big flattys but not much else. Ground is good right thru this area but no luck today.

Headed out to 250m next and same again - very quiet except for some Reds.

Worked our way along the coast and on the last spot (Woo Hoo - More New Ground) we had some luck. With the other guys using bait I went the jig again and 1st drop scored a nice Cod of 6kg or there abouts. With enough of a feed on board I packed it in and tried to get some fish for the other guys. After a few dropped fish Honsu changed to the Jig as well and wasnt long before he scored this one of around 10kg. It put up a pretty good tussle and Im pretty sure it shocked him with how hard it went in that depth.

Run in was fantastic with the water flattening right off and in the end was a good day out.


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Sun, 2009-03-08 20:03

Good work guys, certainly reward for effort needed when fishing those depths.


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Greybanded on Jig!

Sun, 2009-03-08 20:06

Nice fish for the Chinster, he loves his jigging and i also drop baits down.........keeping those irons in the fire!

Onya Tim for taking him out, sounds like a magic arvo!


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Nice fish boys

Sun, 2009-03-08 20:13

Alot of kms all that way out wide, But a nice fish on board,

You got to be happy with that


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well done Honsu with  the

Sun, 2009-03-08 20:14

well done Honsu with  the monster from the deep and well done on the 10 kg banded



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Oh jigging in that depth

Sun, 2009-03-08 20:43

Oh jigging in that depth wasnt hard but.....I had to use the biggest jig in my bag!! 680gm of orange LEAD!!! That was what caused the hard work!!



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Sun, 2009-03-08 20:49

680 grams, jeeebus, thats some solid jigging, atleast you got rewarded for your efforts!


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Nice cod Honsu. Great way to

Mon, 2009-03-09 07:22

Nice cod Honsu.

Great way to end a long day on the water with flat water all the way in...more of it over the next few months too.

Cheers Pete

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Top fish Honshu

Mon, 2009-03-09 07:25

Sounds like all your hard work paid off in the end Tim.

Make sure you check it out


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Nice work Honsu

Mon, 2009-03-09 08:15

Nice work Honsu

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great stuff honsu would have

Mon, 2009-03-09 19:54

great stuff honsu would have been magic on the table too