Just one of the species caught in the early hours of the morning.

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red throat (sweetlip)

Fri, 2009-04-10 12:53

red throat (sweetlip) emp



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That's it!

Fri, 2009-04-10 15:55

I bloody should have known that Laughing Cheers mate.


"holy sh!t, did you see that?"

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Sat, 2009-04-11 09:05

Its actually a yellowtail emperor.  They have a bigger eye than your common sweetlip/red throat and have the distinct yellow inside the fork of the tail.  Sweetlip also have more of a sloped head (similar to the longnose emp) whilst the yellowfin has more of a bream shaped head.


This is a redthroat/sweetlip:



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Interesting Adam

Sat, 2009-04-11 09:49

Cheers mate. They all look the bloody same to me Laughing


"holy sh!t, did you see that?"