Craigs Cod

Craigs Cod

These things are slimey. Makes em hard to pick up.

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I notice that prop wash from

Sun, 2008-09-07 18:14

I notice that prop wash from another boat. Was he a mate or someone "pinging" your spot.

Nice fish Craig. Them buggers are slimey thats for sure. Wait until you leave a bunch of them overnight on ice in the esky. That slime just keeps on oozing out of them till it was a thick layer over all the fish and the bottom of the esky

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V8 twin turbo diesel....Ohh what a feeling!


Twin turbo..V8 diesel..Ohh what a feeling!!

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That would be my prop wash

Sun, 2008-09-07 19:03

That would be my prop wash and one of my spots that tim and I shareSmilewas a good day!

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Sun, 2008-09-07 19:15

That would be at one of OUR spots Jason Tongue out.

Theres a few of us from the fishing club who have been working on chasing these fish for over 12 months Mark. Sharing the info and spots between a couple of boats certainly speeds up the learning curve.

Always on the look out for spot pingers too.

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