Chrismas/Box Day Down in Albany

Chrismas/Box Day Down in Albany

Gawd, remind me not to manipoulate posts after too many wines, EDIT not DELETE - DOH!

The wife and I had a quiet Chrissy planned as we'd seen all the rellies on both sides of Oz (Melborne and Perth), the previous week.

So the Missus suggested we launch on Chrissy day early and sleep over with another fish on Boxing Day.

Far be it from me to argue with the boss. 

Started with a 06:00 launch On Chrismas day.

We were actually the first and (at that stage) only car/trailer at the ramp! Only on Christmas Day or bad conditions would you see that, at that time. Still, I was a little (agreeably) suprised.

Our early Chrissy start even solicited a (light hearted) 'Heavens Above' from VMR610 (Albany Sea Rescue) 

Winds weren't in our favour, so did some fishing round the Islands with only small stuff to show for the efforts.

It was still a great day out, with the hilight being a pod of porpoises smashing up a school (couldn't establish what) with six of them around and underneath the boat - not quick enough with the camera unfortunately.

Headed back into Oyster harbour, dropped the pick for a leasurely afternoon and overnight stay and pulled out the supa light tackle for some fun with yellow tail, herring and trump (of all things) - all good bait for the next day though and good fun.

The Missus pulled out a nice Flattty so that went in the slurry.

We settled in for the night with a good feed of instant soup and a scrabble game and enjoyed the cooled light wind off the oyster harbour water.

We rose early (05:00 am) on Boxing day and, after a quick breakfast of egg and bacon muffins we headed just on the outside of King George sound.

Depite the very still and already warm conditions, the Southern Ocean had some surface lumpiness.

Whilst I dabbled with a few jigs and softies, we mainly fished fresh bait and standard panasostra terminal gear.

My first drop resulted in an 8Kg (Southern) Queeenie, the second drop topped that with 9.5Kg - good way of getting the back a lil stretched first thing.

The light conditions allowed an unassisted drift with about 3 drops each drift, before coming back up for another go.

The two queenies where the highlight, with a few small pinks, swallow tails, nanny and inevitable rock species (wrasse and cod) - all returned.

A return to the Emu Point boat ramp by 13:00 and immediate access to the finger (there's only one) was well timed to beat the predictable boxing day PM madness .

Boats. trailers, cars and people filled any available space - both at and everywhere around the ramp.


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