CEDAR cooking boards

CEDAR cooking boards

 A Canadian expat brought this in to try and all we could muster up is some basa fillets .... Had to soak the board for  a hour in fresh water,  then as you see in the photo lay it on the BBQ at low heat it gives the fish a smoke flavour .... couldn't help my self and layer them on some lemon ..... 

tasted great !!!!! Even for basa / Nile perch 

He recommend salmon but where we are you have to adapt !!!!!

flying home in the morning hope the weather gets better to fish the ski !!!!!

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  Weather not looking good

Mon, 2017-07-10 23:39

  Weather not looking good until later in the week- but I reckon a squid session will be on the books.


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)