Where the hell are all the boats coming from

 Drove up from Perth to Carnarvon today and saw well in excess of 120 boats heading back to Perth......big boats cats you name it...fishing comp perhaps. Heaps and heaps of road kill north of Billabong.and one utter moron who passed me on doubles with oncoming .....heavy braking avoided a disaster ........Asian tourists regretfully .

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 Carnarfin starts in the next

Sun, 2023-05-28 05:41

 Carnarfin starts in the next few days and Billfish Shootout is next weekend. 
They are both further north but they are the only ones I can think of. 



Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 Fishing comp in shark bay

Sun, 2023-05-28 08:35

 Fishing comp in shark bay for the past week. Boat ramp was overflowing most days.

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 That would've made the loacl

Sun, 2023-05-28 11:43

 That would've made the loacl shire prez happy.


Love the West!

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Fishing Fiesta

Sun, 2023-05-28 15:34

Probably the Fiesta in S/bay

Very well run comp, you get to see some bloody good fish at the weigh ins


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 Got first and second prize

Tue, 2023-05-30 10:07

 Got first and second prize for flathead one year ,it was to windy to fish the boat so went for a drive and barby up the coast and fluked a couple on lures. Only weighed them in as an afterthought and picked up a cpl rods and reels . Cool comp wih a family feel to it.


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