VHF and 27MHz?


G'day legends.


I got a VHF radio to put in my 5m Quintrex project boat.

It already has a 27MHz installed and I'm wondering on opinions. 

Would it be worth having both radios or just go with the VHF? 



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 Just go the VHF.... One

Sun, 2021-10-10 16:08

 Just go the VHF.... One aerial and better coverage, go as long an aerial as you can fit on boat.

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 Picked up a 1.8m whip for

Sun, 2021-10-10 16:29


Picked up a 1.8m whip for it. No one in Geraldton

had a 2.4m at the time

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 the 1.8 should be

Mon, 2021-10-11 03:56

 the 1.8 should be plenty.

There are repeaters on Moresby and at Rat Island, 81 and 82 from memory.

Use these channels to contact VMR rather than 16, only problem Ive ever had with contact was when an iphone charger was introducing interference onboard.


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If it is a GME antenna

Sun, 2021-10-10 18:05

Then the actual radiating component of the antenna is exactly and I mean exactly the same length as a 1.8

Fibreglass does not radiate radio emf only the copper component .....to me it is a bloody con selling something that you believe is better when it damned well isn't ! 

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 Thats smells fishy

Tue, 2021-10-12 19:14

 Thats smells fishy sunshine.  Could give people a fasle sense of security (me included- i just bought a 2.4m).   What a scam, screw GME. Never buying their crap again.


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If the copper windings are

Mon, 2021-10-25 15:55

If the copper windings are physically higher up the aerial on the 2.4m than the 1.8m then it will have better coverage (height is might). If it doesnt then its all for nothing!

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 Sunshine, the unit is a

Sun, 2021-10-10 18:12

 Sunshine, the unit is a Uniden UM355VHF paired with a Uniden ATM301 base and whip. Couldn't get hold of GME but don't like them anyway. We only run Uniden radios on the farm, all 19 of them

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 I use both as they were

Mon, 2021-10-11 07:14

 I use both as they were already installed inmmy boat when I bought it. The old boys up my way will only use 27meg for chatter, VHF for when I'm up north. Also have a waterproof VHF in my safety grab bag. 


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27M vs VHF

Mon, 2021-10-11 08:41

 27M:  5 watts, AM - prone to static. strange reception patterns dependant on weather etc eg you may be a ble to talk to a boat in QLD but not your mate 3km away!! (happend to me in Sth Aust).  No licence required and any inane prattle is tolerated as 'talk'

Only monitired by some coastal stations... not many anymore.

VHF: 25 watts, FM -almost immune to static.   24/356 monitored by VMRs   line if sight (plus a bit....)  repeaters (mounted in high places) extend the range.  Legally a lincence is need to use it- in case of an emergency anyone can use.    Porotocols and "codewords" required (but not enforced usually) to ensure conversations are clearly understood.  Very important if its you that is calling for assistance!!

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Mon, 2021-10-11 11:51

 Some marine rescue units no longer monitor 27 meg, apart from emergancey channel 88 so go with VHF


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 I know Bremer VMR doesn't

Thu, 2021-10-14 21:36


I know Bremer VMR doesn't monitor 27MHz  as the 

signal can't get through the hills. As soon as you go

around Black Point, 27MHz is useless. 

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Not totally......

Sun, 2021-10-17 17:21


... useless.....

You may get to talk to Indonesia....... do you speak Spanish...???

"SKIP"  (radio frequency long distance) does funny things...

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new rules announced today

Tue, 2021-10-12 14:17

 This bit relates to marine radios but also announcements about compulsory life jackets for boats under 4.8 metres 


To enhance safety, the distance offshore at which registrable vessels are required to carry an approved radio will reduce to four nautical miles and the less reliable 27 MHz marine radios will be phased out over five years in favour of HF or VHF radios.