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I have recently purchased my first Jet Ski, its a second hand Kawasaki STX15F. Low hours and goes well. I bought it so me and family can have a blast around the river and some of the beaches. Im also interested in setting it up for fishing. I own a 22ft Pride which ive spent the last 2 years bringing back to life. Ive Wrapped the hull in digital print which looks cool. I run a sign & print shop so easy enough to do.

Been out a few times around the sound but new to all this as ive only lived in Australia for 7 years and new to the boating thing in the last 2. Looking for some guidance on fishing spots around the sound and also some good spots i can use the jetski with the family either the river or also in sound. Would like to be able to launch and get to some nice secluded bay where i can meet the family so we can have a bit of fun and not worry about it getting to ruff for the kids.

The swan seems very restrictive for these machines, not sure why as if sticking to the rules they really are a small power boat. I went for a fang up the river the other day on the Ski and noticed that PWC were not permitted to far up. Bummer, as im from Mundaring so it is a bit of a drive to get to a PWC friendly boat ramp.

Any info on setup of fishing rig for jetski and also and recomendations for good spots for the family to enjoy would be appreciated, Would also be good to meet up with someone who has a bit of experience out in the sound for a run out.

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Stay out of Cockburn Sound right now

Wed, 2015-11-25 20:58

Have a look at all the posts about the fish deaths in the sound, it's a good place to avoid until the cause and steps taken to fix this stretch of water have been resolved.

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 Wow just done google search,

Wed, 2015-11-25 21:36

 Wow just done google search, thats not good. Hope they find out what it was or is.