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 Hi All

I have recently purchased a JetSki and I am looking for tips on where to go and what fish to target to get some good eating fish. I live close to the city and I am looking for spots that are not too far away i.e No further South than Mandurah or no furter North than Ocean Reef.

Cheers Red

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Welcome to Jetski fishing !!!!!

Mon, 2015-12-28 18:08

You are going to have a blast fishing from a ski !!!!!!  There are some great guys on this site to help you out with fitting electronics and required safety gear ..... I am a FIFO and I live very close to the sound but I'm allowed a leave pass from home to venture out and explore new ground .......

The biggiest problem with a ski in the west is the limit or zone you can take it ..... 5 nautical mile !!!!!! Not like Queensland or NZ where it's almost open water ........

The thing I like fishing from the ski is its quick to get in the water and fast to get to the fishing ground  and you can get into areas that even a dingy can't get too .....

I have been fishing around garden island with Moking and have grabbed a feed of tailor Samon and squid so if your down our way pm me if I'm home I will be up for a troll 

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 as ohh yeh has said garden

Mon, 2015-12-28 20:36

 as ohh yeh has said garden island is as good starting point you get alot of fish around the island and is good to get the feel of your ski before going out a little wider. i have been out to rotto and fished around 5 fathom on stragglers, would be good if we can get a few skis together and head out to FFB. as for safety gear i have stuck with if a boat needs a ski needs it, ie EBIRB, hand held radio, flares, hand held GPS, life jackets, i have also added a bilge pump on a float switch as i have been caught out without one. most of us have installed sounders  and seems everyone has done it differently. anything else you need feel free to ask 

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 Thanks Ooh Yeh and Rigby!I

Wed, 2015-12-30 21:54

 Thanks Ooh Yeh and Rigby!

I will give Garden Island a shot when the wind dies down. Have either of you been down to Mandurah and fished the Peel Inlet or around The Cut?



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Peel and The Cut

Sat, 2016-01-02 08:05

Welcome to the group redlad77.
I live down this way and have done lots of trips from Peel down past Tims Ticket, White Hills out to 40m deep on FFB and over towards Warnbro Sound and back, This summer I started crayfish pots on the reefs and have done crab in Dawesville 3 years now and get a plenty like everyone else lots of fun around.
For me The Cut produced tailor early morning and late arvo got them behind the surf all the way down to Tims Ticket and White Hills beach. Last year I bagged out on salmon 4 days in a row good fun when they are around and I've lived here 6years and it was a bumper season for them.
Peel Inlet for me is more quiet and seem to have lots and lots and lots of whiting schools after schools for miles.
I seem to get the whiting every year on one particular reef on 7m to 8m in front of Singleton Beach lots of dolphins around also.

Enjoy the fishing.



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