Hi All,

I'm currently based overseas (dubai) and just booked flight to Maldives next month for a week. havn't booked accommodation yet but looking to stay somewhere within a boat trip from the airport (male'). 


Just wondering if anyone on here has been there and can recommend any decent fishing charters? Keen to throw some plastics and stick baits at the various reef species (light to medium gear). 8000 stella would be the heaviest gear i'll take.



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Just be careful

Tue, 2020-09-15 07:26

 They have a very high case to population off Covid 19. Current rate per million people 17400. Australias are 1044. UAE about 8096 currently.

Can you get back to UAE etc.


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 I don't get how people can

Tue, 2020-09-15 08:29

 I don't get how people can be thinking of overseas fishing trips in times like these...


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I think

Tue, 2020-09-15 09:46

 becasue not all countries are hiding from the virus. 

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Tue, 2020-09-15 10:37

Some of the north male' island are operating at end of the month.Mostly for surfers though.

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Tue, 2020-09-15 11:25

 Fished with them back in 2017 probably one of the cheaper ones  and there is also accomodtion provided. Dont expect too much on that side of things comfortable and clean but simple   . A very quiet traditional island - No booze there was 2 resteraunts there which were pretty good. and reasonbly priced. Its on the small island of Ukulas. 

I did 4 full days of fishing accomadtion and ferry transfer from Male airport was under 3K not including flights from Dubai.

Beautiful part of the world but if you are hoping for a couple of beers at night you might as well go to a resort 


The fishing was OK. It was all Popping and jigging  - GTs Red Bass Couta and had Sailfish chase the stick baits .  No monsters but thats fishing I guess.

The boat was a good Popping platform but when the wind came up mid afternoon you got wet. Food and drinks provided but it was choclate bars and luke warm cokes. 

I did like my trip though I would still recomend them as he was just starting back then 

I have fished with Ocean Active that are based out Dubai and Oman they were pretty good too although that was 8 years ago. 


As for the Corona nonsense  well Im sure you will be fine. The only thing I can see going against is if they cancell flights on you at the last minute 


Good luck 

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 thanks for the replies.

Fri, 2020-09-18 13:27

 thanks for the replies. flights via emirates have been ok as they refund if trip needs to be cancelled in the event of any future lock-downs. Also i'm finding most accommodation is fully refundable or only payable on arrival.

Not sure what the story is in Aus but the rest of the world seems to be getting on with life. 

Just realised spearfishing is mostly banned in Maldives so i'll be looking to do a few fishing charters. All the deals we're looking at are all inclusive (ie: unlimited grog, food ect.) seems to be the most cost effective way if you're partial to a few stubbies.