Lowrance HDS Gen3 upgrade pathway..?

i have an HDS Gen3 12" with the 2015 bundled 3in1 Transducer.

Mostly used for estuary fishing up to just 40metres.

is there any improved functionality i can enable.?

Can i get it to display : Structure Scan 3D..?

Or maybe HDS Live is what i need..? more money :)

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 Is there a software upgrade!

Fri, 2023-08-11 19:17

 Is there a software upgrade! Available 

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Lowrance HDS upgrade

Sun, 2023-08-20 07:44

Hi Squid.V, thanks for the comment mate.

Nah, ive got the latest upgrade (2018)

My latest understanding is the HDS Gen3 units dont have the processor power to run 3D imaging, where'as the (larger sized) HDS Live / Carbon / Elite, all have new quad core processors..

But i think i can somehow enable Fish Reveal..?

which i think is a combination of sonar & downscan..?