great conditions , lousy fishing

Got out again . Great conditions cruising out at around 27 knots and still reading ground. Did about 50nm for only a couple of good fish, guess who got them


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 gotta love glassoffs but how

Mon, 2024-05-13 00:46

 gotta love glassoffs but how many times does it mean crap fishing eh?

at least you got a couple to take home.

Nice to open up the throttle on flat days and let it rip too.


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 Hey Russ, can you bring some

Mon, 2024-05-13 04:16

 Hey Russ, can you bring some of that good weather home with you?, nice fish tho!

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Mon, 2024-05-13 19:53

 Solid robbo that one.


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 Better than being skunked

Tue, 2024-05-14 10:54

 Better than being skunked Russ!


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