Busselton Jetty

Hello fellow fishos
Heading down Busselbury ways (busselton/bunbury). have never fished the busso jetty before and i heard its pretty good. has anyone ever fished the jetty before and if so has any advise for a first timer.

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Big Bonito

Sat, 2008-05-17 20:30

and tuna out at the end of the jetty.


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Busselton Jetty

Sat, 2008-05-17 20:54

SmileHi Jdubya,

The old jetty is a great place. I used to live on itLaughing..well almost. I used to fish it every day for about 5 years.

Tip # 1.......SQUID JIGS....yozuri or any of the new fancy ones. Bright colours and dark. If its sunny use bright or light colour. For overcast and evening/night use dark colours.

If you can find a pencil jig or two in a tackle store grab 'em. Make up a float line like so;

Using a hand caster with around 15lb line add a barrel swivel then a short piece of line just long enough to add a piece of styrofoam or a small plastic coke or juice bottle for the float. To this add another barrel swivel.

 Now tie on a trace about 1.5 to 2 meters.

To the end of this add a medium snap swivel. Now take a yellowtail or small skippy or herring and skewer the pencil jig through the length of the fish from head to tail by inserting the jig into the mouth and pushing it right throuh till it comes out just before the tail. Make sure the spines are not obstructed by the bait fishes mouth.

Now snap your jig onto your trace and cast it out on the side of the jetty where you have the wind at your back. When a squid takes the bait you will notice the float being pulled under. Bring your line in at a steady pace as any slack can let your squid back off the jig and will also allow it to expend most of its ink. 

For big squid try this method about 3/4 the way out on the eastern side in the mornings (ealier the better).


Tip # 2 Tailor and skippy love the sandy area just before the bend on your way out. Afternoons with a bit of wind to ruffle the surface is best. A gang of 3 1/0 or 2/0 with big whitebait or blue sardines are great or small mulies or even halves. Try both sides but usually the east side is best.


There are usually herring out at the end. west side being best even into the wind.

Snook of good size over the weed on the west side just past where the junction of the original jetty used to be. Also gurnard here at time as well.

Doh!! i'm writin a bookSurprised

tell me, when are you going down? I will try to get some more info up for you if I have time.

This should help for starters anyway.

Main thing to remember is: fish the freshest bait possible. Spend a few minutes catching yellowtail and use these for live baits if you are going to be fishing heavy. Use the tentacles and flaps from the squid for herring whiting etc. As well use a strip of the white belly faps of the yellowtail on a gang of 1/0 or 2/0 to entice the snook and pike.



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 I assume you mean a squid

Sun, 2008-05-18 01:10

 I assume you mean a squid spike Howz60? Definately some good info there.

Some guys rip the head off the squid, keep the tube to eat and use the tentacles for small fish, or the whole head and tentacles for bigger ones. Makes easy very fresh bait if you manage to get some squid. 


crude drawing of a squid spike: 



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Top info

Sun, 2008-05-18 09:37

Top info Howz, good onya mate!! Smile


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thanks heaps howz

Sun, 2008-05-18 12:00

thanks heaps howz