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Hey guys

Might be a bit of a longshot but I'm trying to buy my first boat this weekend. Tidy looking Voyager LTD. My mate who was supposed to come with me has had something come up and can no longer mate it. Super short notice but anyone on here keen to check it out for me, happy to shout cartons or throw cash your way? Or recommend a mechanic etc who can come have a look on a Saturday?
Boat is located in Mandurah.



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 can probably help, have to

Thu, 2022-11-17 14:27

 can probably help, have to be about 10-11  or after 1230

no need for carton or cash - probs a 6 pack worth at most ;p

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Thu, 2022-11-17 14:35

 Pay to have a good look at the deck, being an old hull I would suspect the bearers and underfloor have some rot in there. If I remember the first of the Voyagers came out late seventies so it would be 40 plus years old

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 Yea worried about the hull

Fri, 2022-11-18 12:29

 Yea worried about the hull mainly. Plan on ditching the Johnson pretty quickly anyways.