Bearings -Penrite Grease

Ive been using Belray marine grease for my trailer bearings for the last foreever, but am thinking of swapping to Penrite Marine grease.

Has anyone had any issues with penrite?

Im only swapping due to ease of availability (i can shoot down to supercheap and buy Penrite, but always have to order Belray 99540 online).



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 Been using penrite marine

Tue, 2023-09-12 09:55

 Been using penrite marine grease for years with no issues but I do maintain my bearings on a regular basis.

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 I am the same. Always used

Tue, 2023-09-12 12:57

 I am the same. Always used Belray but not stocked at Martins anymore. 

Have just used Penrite High Temp Grease which states that it is ideal for boat trailer bearings.



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Thu, 2023-09-14 17:21

 I chagned from Castrol extra heavy duty to penrite and loving it.

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 Mate can't comment on

Thu, 2023-09-14 20:30

 Mate can't comment on Penrite but I get my Belray from Statewide bearings, they stock a lot of goodies in there. Water repellant sprays etc.


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Thanks guys

Sat, 2023-09-16 04:00

Thanks for the comments above.

Andy,  statewide is a bitch of a drive for me, and Im really lazy.

I'll give the Penrith stuff a go. I was going to use their marine grease, this actually seems to have a higher temp rating than the HT stuff,


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All greases mentioned above

Sun, 2023-09-17 12:55

All greases mentioned above are quality and perfect for marine trailer bearing applications. The dramas Ive experienced with trailers over the years is from the use of Bearing Buddy's. Much better off with either knock on or threaded caps. The next level up from that are the oil filled units. This is only from my experience, but Id usually put 250-350 hours a year on my motor so a lot of towing to the ramp, including a Xmas and Gamex/AIBT trip to Exmouth. I was only going from Karratha (550klms or something) but that has to be one of the hottest stretches of sealed roads in Australia and never had issues with threaded caps on a 750 Preston craft (Which was be a fair bit over 3.5t loaded).