Another unusual boat ramp

 Given I like finding unusual ramps and harbours here are two you might enjoy from as far north in Scotland as you can get. Between John O Groats and Thurso.

How long would the flagstones built harbour have taken in the 1800's

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 My grandfather was from

Sat, 2022-08-13 08:20

 My grandfather was from Thurso and jumped ship in Fremantle back just after the dinosaurs went extinct. Glad he did!

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Hah. Same as mine at the

Sun, 2022-08-14 08:52

Hah. Same as mine at the tender age of 15 he was found living in the sand dunes and taken in by a local family and promptly signed up for WWI at age 15 and survived Gallipoli, France and France again in WW2. Mad Scottish bastard!


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 Wow! How's the tide

Sat, 2022-08-13 08:24

 Wow! How's the tide lines. 

These ramps look better built than somoe of the modern one's built here. Great post Gordon. 


Love the West!

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Dunnet Head

Sat, 2022-08-13 10:24

 Looks about as much fun as Hamelin Bay ramp with a bit of weed and swell.

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Hamelin ramp

Sat, 2022-08-13 10:58

 When pro fishing from Hamelin  we had a key to the gate  and would launch and retreive off the beach alongside the ramp. A bloody sight easier and safer than using the ramp plus not having to remove a tonne of weed each morning  after a blow