18 or 19 pitch prop

 Looking for a 18 or 19 pitch prop to try/buy for my Yamaha 225 4 stroke. Stainless steel 3 or 4 blade. Would give carton of piss/deposit just to try for sake of testing fuel economy/wot etc....

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where are you based - I have

Sat, 2011-06-25 06:57

where are you based - I have all three 18 solas 3, 18 solas 4, 19 yammie 3. the solas 4 is a little worse for wear though after an incident up north last week, so will be heading to mike for a balance and beat. If you are trying to save fuel on a older 225 yammie all I can say is good luck. Tried in vain to improve mine on the 200. 4 blade 18 is the best but it still does not come close to a mates honda on the same boat.

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 Hi Simon, im in Hamilton

Sat, 2011-06-25 10:58

 Hi Simon, im in Hamilton Hill, would love to get in contact with you, sounds like youve tried a few pitch props. My number is 0406 261 438, flick me a message and ill call you if happy. Cheers Mark