YTK on a Torsa 16N/JM350

YTK on a Torsa 16N/JM350

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solid fish mate

Wed, 2009-01-14 06:28

sure it pulled...... 

sweet photo also





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Another quality fish Sean

Wed, 2009-01-14 06:42

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Wed, 2009-01-14 07:16

Great fish dude, well done. Would have given you a workout.

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on holidays

Wed, 2009-01-14 07:38

Take it you must be on holidays Sean, looks like your making the most of it with fish and the weather too.  What jig is doing the damage?


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Not quite on Holidays, more

Wed, 2009-01-14 09:07

Not quite on Holidays, more like getting my priorities right......heh heh
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