Went for pink bash . With my luke . He asked if he could drop his skippy rig down . Crap ass small( big red hooks) pulled this in . 40 feet off water, kg size hook . Honestly couldn’t believe it . Few good feeds no pinks

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 I have always said you can

Sat, 2022-03-05 21:28

 I have always said you can catch big fish with small hooks but geez that's going overboard . Well done luke , would have been holding your breath with that on on the end of the line


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Sun, 2022-03-06 14:29

 Fish right there, would have been great when you first seen it


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 Cracker.... they fight so

Sun, 2022-03-06 16:18

 Cracker.... they fight so much better in shallow water! That one looks big! Did you get a length ?

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Sun, 2022-03-06 20:15

Didn’t measure . Just a good shallow water fish .