Thursday Crays, First dive of the season.

Thursday Crays, First dive of the season.

1 dive in 7 meters off hillarys. headed out deep but when the anchor disappeared in the vis once only 2 meters of chain was out decided to head in to familiar ground shallower and found better vis but surgey as hell. Good numbers around much better start then last year. The dive site had been lacking the last few years, good to see a few around in the old holes that had been barron last season.lots of littlies though. swell was horrendous, bashed the head a few times, all happy though! 

bagged 7, sizes from 77-86ish, Saw one white too which was unexpected


 Dave J.

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Sweet feed there mate...

Thu, 2013-10-17 21:45

Wont be long now and we will also be giving it a crack..


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Nica start to the season.

Fri, 2013-10-18 20:14

Nica start to the season. Hopefully the vis improves next week when the swell drops off a bit.