Last few trips

 Over last few weeks only managed to head out for a fish 3 times. Missed the start of the demersal season, but at least didn't have to deal with the madness lol!

trip 1 headed to the 40s. Managed a good baldy at 55cm, smaller dhu at 45, but clearly some barotrauma so baked whole that night and fed 4 easy. Got a big harlequin, then got spiked by a bloody scorpion fish. By jeebers they hurt. Just a tiny nick but still had my whole hand throbbing.

trip 2 anchored in the 3 mile burleying for snapper. On way out ( just in sunrise) managed to go over a cray ripe. Luckily just around the legs, not the prop so easily unhooked. Annoying part is I saw the floats and gave what I thought was a wide berth, but turned out to have moles of rope on the surface. Annoying given only I. About 12m! Luckily no damage done. Only a few smaller models, picked up a 40 dhu, but released well given shallow and slow retrieve. Another big harlequin ( developing a taste for these!), and a nice fat kg at 58cm. Went for a snorkel at rotto looking for crays but didn't find any.

trip 3, 2 days later headed to same spot with a mate who hasn't been fishing in years. 15m of water I got a decent breaksea but nothing else. Mate got a 73cm dhu, and a cracker 62cm kg. Headed home at 11 so the wives didn't get narky. Filleted the dhu for my mate to take home, and we kept the wings and frame for dinner. I'm starting to enjoy the wings and frame more than the fillets. Shame that so many got waste. 
Good to get some blood in the new boat, and finally out in some decent weather!

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 Some nice fish. The 62cm kg

Mon, 2024-04-22 14:00

 Some nice fish. The 62cm kg is a ripper.  Don't get many Harlequin but there awesome,  I've seen some rippers snorkelling around rotto but haven't caught a big on yet

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 All quality eating fish so

Mon, 2024-04-22 14:41

 All quality eating fish so you've got to be happy enough with them results.

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 cant say ever seen a

Tue, 2024-04-23 08:56

 cant say ever seen a harlequin this far north....maybe Leeuwin current has something to do with it??

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Sounds like you have been

Wed, 2024-04-24 11:27

Sounds like you have been having some fun. Awesome size kg . I certainly wouldn't complain about a feed of harlequin,  great taste, trout of the south West


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