Stocked dam

Stocked dam




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this Dam

Fri, 2010-10-22 14:56

Where abouts is this dam? whats it stockedwith?

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if a

Fri, 2010-10-22 15:00

If a dam this size was filled with 60+cm barra would you pay $20 to fish it (in Exmouth)?


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Dam in Exmouth

Sat, 2010-10-23 09:13

Very difficult I would think. Trying to keep water quality up when it dosent rain for 11 months and then trying to stop the fish from going "over the wall" when a cyclone dumps 300mm of rain in a night.



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Fri, 2010-10-22 15:10

chuck some jacks in there tooWink

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Fri, 2010-10-22 17:13

is it a wild dam or does someone feed the fish so they get full and dont want to look at lures or bait? like all the other fishin a packet and get no return cause the fish are so well fed