Snapper Rig4

Snapper Rig4

A plastic jig to try out if the bite is hot and a change is needed.  Might give it a bit of a review to see if they scare the fish or produce an action which brings them on.


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Tue, 2005-09-20 11:13

Hi Adam
What size is that sinker there ?, got my self a bucket of soft plastics yesterday they have alot of the longer softie one like the snapper rig you made up.

soft plastics
Kmart job $20 a bucket

TT ( karl )

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Jig Weights

Tue, 2005-09-20 11:23

Hey Tommy..  When i go to the tackle store i buy those little purple plastic containers that have 6 different sinker sections in them..  They are the best as they have a wide range of weight that can be used.  I just vary the weight depending on how strong the current is and where the fish are on the echo.  If they are on the bottom, then a bit more weight to keep it down.. If they are mid-range, then no weight and let it float past them..

With those sorts of jigs, it is best to get the lead headed hooks and instead of putting a hook on like mine, use the weighted jig heads instead.  I reckon those lures are best used up north as I haven't had much success with them down this way... But I've always tended towards bait a bit more than an lures/soft plastics.. But I'm intrigued about them all the same and want to see if i can catch something other than bream on them.


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