For sale

For sale

 G'day got some gear to clear out.

1st is perfect condition jignesis (XFSJ-B63ML) Slow Jigging rod. 6'3" Pe0.8-2 9kg .($200.00 ).                                                                     

2nd A Shakespeare Synergy 6'6". 4-8kg rod matched with a Daiwa Capricorn 4500 reel. (Used) $30.00                         

3rd. A Shimano Backbone Elite 6'6" 2-4kg with a Shimano Salde 4000FB reel. ($30.00).    Used.                               

4th is a LTD Lever drag 2 speed reel with 80lbs Dyneema braid. Used but in good Nick.  (  $ 50.00 ).           

If you take the lot price $250.00 firm. Thanks send me a pm.

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Sun, 2019-01-13 14:41

 Sold pending pickup. Thanks guys.