Quintrex for sale

Quintrex for sale

5.6 Quintrex 98 model, Honda 90 4 stoke, New canopy,new bait board,new carpet,imaculate condition. $32000.
bought about 3 months ago. Genuine reason for sale. Purchased the boat on the spur of the moment and later realised that for what I need its not quite big enough.Had the boat out wide a couple of times and handled it well and used next to nothing in fuel. Its got a nice cabin with heaps of room for the missus and kids. I realised that I dont really need a cabin and would prefer the deck space for fishing.

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Wed, 2007-11-07 00:05

boys this is a bargain! went out on sunday w tapout and did bout 60mile round trip for 50ltrs fuel. bloody good boat handles well in the slops and is a good fishing platform. have a look worth the buy.

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Top notch boat! I vouch for

Wed, 2007-11-07 05:40

Top notch boat! I vouch for that.

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