Quick Bunbury Fish

Quick Bunbury Fish

Headed out from Bunbury today on my own for a quick Snapper fish before the wind went too hard from the North West. Got on the water at 1300 and was in 20mtres between the ships.

Had a couple of Whales keep circling round the boat and thought I wasn't going to get anything but proceeded to fish anyway. Not sure what sort of whales they were but I know most of the whale species that head past Bunbury every year and these were not your Humpbacks etc. I've seen Killer Whales in the wild  and would call these 'False Killer Whales' as they looked similar but didn't have as much white on them.

Sent two floaters out and proceeded to jig a McArthy's 7" Bullhead Minnow in the Deep Glow Green on a 1/2 oz Nitro Jig Head.

Whales were doing tighter and tighter circles round the boat and bang! I'm on on the soft Plackie and after a good 10 minute fight on 8kg line I've got a nice Pinkie boat side with the jig head completely swallowed (would have been 90-100cm) and the Whales still there looking at me. I reach for the landing net and just in time to see my leader part and a nice fish glide back into the water.

Not to worry as both of my Floaters hook up so I decide to fight the one on my Saltist and Demon Blood rod and hope the other will still be attached later. In the mean time the Whales are still circling and after a good fight and some 20minutes I manage to boat a very plump good Snapper.

Quickly I race to my other rod and as I take up the slack I feel the line go limp and the fish is gone. At least I have one good fish on board.

As quickly as this happened, the Whales are gone and even though I fished on for another half hour before the wind picked, the fish were gone as well.

Back home cleaning the boat by 1500 and happy to have the one good Snapper.

Can't help thinking the Whales were working a school of Snapper and I was in the right place at the right time....?


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right place right time. gotta

Mon, 2012-09-17 21:12

right place right time. gotta be happy with a result like that with one monster from 3 landed. would have been magic watching the whales just cruising around


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