New Ajiking Zillion spin rod

New Ajiking Zillion spin rod

While it’s not a new name in the fishing world, it’s a new one for the Ajiking stable.  The Ajiking Zillion spin rod arrived last month and they’re a pretty fine looking rod and great value for money.

The rods are kitted out with Fuji reel seat and guides and a cork and EVA combo handle.  They come in six lengths between 5’0” and 8’0” and some basic details on each is below:

  • 502 – 6-12lb - 5-25g lure weight
  • 562 – 8-17lb - 7-30g lure weight
  • 602 - 8-17lb - 10-30g lure weight
  • 662 - 10-20lb - 10-35g lure weight
  • 702 - 10-20lb - 15-40g lure weight
  • 802 - 12-20lb - 15-40g lure weight

RRP is betweek $115 and $175.

Any questions please flick me a PM or visit here!


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 how much are they

Thu, 2011-09-29 11:26

 how much are they