my first spanish mackeral

my first spanish mackeral

hi every1,i just caught my first spanish mackeral last good friday on a charter boat injurien bay and it weighed 10.5 kg,it was very memorible catch,any hope every 1 else had a good easter aswell,i know i did

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nice Joe

Wed, 2009-04-15 23:03

Nice Joe, how did the boat do overall?


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well done mate hope to mine

Wed, 2009-04-15 23:35

well done mate hope to mine in august when i come over



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That's a great capture Joe

Thu, 2009-04-16 12:44

I bet you were stoked.

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Thu, 2009-04-16 17:02

a couple of samson fish and 2 snapper,some bream sised dhufish thatwent back,after all it was full moon, the boat was an ex cray boat around 60ft,that was all that was captured fhat day .....