Help me!

Help me!

Exmouth bogging, not a pretty sight..


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Sun, 2006-08-06 20:05

That should never have happened if the tyres were deflated to half a bar!!

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Some of

Sun, 2006-08-06 23:21

Some of those coarse sand beaches up north can be very deceptive. Low tyre pressures sure do help an awfull lot, but one can still come horribly unstuck all too easily...

Me - I have a 4wd driveing philosophy..."don't go there if you don't HAVE too"!

Mind you only a couple months back the young feller got his triton "bogged" on the beach down at Tims Thicket..dang me if it's never been THAT bad a 4wd on beaches in all the years I owned it - turns out he'd bumped it outta 4wd into 2wd, and all our "pushin digging and shoving" was in aid of nowt - soon as he had his "mistake" pointed out to him - and put it BACK into 4wd it suddenly 'magically' recovered all its previous beachwork capabilities!

We all make blues from time to err is human!

I once managed to surprise a guy with a highly modified cruiser 4wd with twin locker diffs, big wheels and all the fruit...reckoned theres wasn't any terrain in Oz his cruiser couldn't I put him on a steep firebreak down Nannup way in the escarpement...and said lets see what it can do!

Sure enough it got bout 2/3 way up the hill and all 4 wheels are scrabblin and the thing slipped backwards 20 or 30 feet...

No way it would go up that hill!

I knew that - coz - we'd had to winch a D8 Dozer outta there bout 12 months before that wouldn't even go up it on tracks, while putting the firebreaks in!!! ;o)

Theres ALWAYS somewhere a 4wd won't go...the tricks in learning not to try in the first place! ;o)


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Thu, 2006-10-12 18:20

The way that tide looks like its coming in, I assume he'd been there for a while.

Looks like a fairly new car, spewing!



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Short & sweet

Thu, 2006-10-12 18:31

Short & sweet answer.....I agree with Catch 22 ;)

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Half a bar

Thu, 2006-10-12 18:43

I have been trolling some internet sites and I have got half a bar now !!!


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haha so wrong mav, so so

Thu, 2006-10-12 19:17

haha so wrong mav, so so wrong :p