Burketown Barra

Burketown Barra

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Wed, 2006-05-10 23:12

Nice Barra JD. Is Burketown in the top end somewhere? Was that in the salt or the fresh, can't quite tell from the look of that barra, I would say more salt than fresh but only guessing.


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Wed, 2006-05-10 23:25

Located 418 km north of Mount Isa and 15 metres above sea-level, Burketown proudly announces to the world that it is 'The Barramundi Capital of Australia'. This small town on the flat plains of the Gulf near the Albert River is really nothing more than a school, a pub, a couple of service stations, a council office, and three general stores.

It currently has a population of 235 which is about as high as it has ever been. In 1868 there was a population of 70. This had dropped to 15 in 1871, risen to 265 in 1911 and dropped back to 59 in 1947. There seems to have been no real boom period in the town's history.

The first Europeans into the area were Burke, who is the source of the town's name, and Wills. They reached the coast near Normanton in 1861.

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Wed, 2006-05-10 23:42

Ripper fish Jas
How long were you up there for? When will you come to WA and do a spot of fishing with Ab and Jack?

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Salty fresh

Thu, 2006-05-11 01:15

It was caught flicking lures at the snags off the causway to Escott Lodge.
At the moment it's pretty fresh because of the floods they've has up there but as the water drops the bottom side of the causeway becomes salt & the top stays fresh.
They stay pretty silver for a while because they've not long come up from the sea to breed. But once the river level drops the ones that get stuck on the top side of the causway start to get that green tinge on the top of them.