bunbury dhu fish 19kg , 14kg , 12kg

bunbury dhu fish 19kg , 14kg , 12kg

fishing off bunno 35m water home by 1.30 cant get much better

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Nice fish

Wed, 2007-12-26 17:14

happy boys.....

So is Mr Snowcone next door

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Nice catch

Wed, 2007-12-26 17:41

Gotta be happy with that lot!

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Great catch boys

Wed, 2007-12-26 17:51

thats one fat Dhu

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Bunbury Dhu's

Wed, 2007-12-26 20:12

Nice trio of Dhuies you must be stoked. All the local boat ramps were chockers this morning, i did'nt venture out because I was a little seedy suffering the after affects of christmas day. I'm going out 2mora morning early a cooler day so should be pleasant with a bit of chop I will let you know how we go.

                                                         Cheers Kev.


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Thu, 2007-12-27 08:30

Nice work fellas, gotta be happy with that and a plump big dhu also!

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Well done

Thu, 2007-12-27 09:35

Top catch fellas, done well indeed.


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Top Effort

Thu, 2007-12-27 10:52

Top effort guys - 2 smiles and a big fish belly smile-prohibiting strain on the left 

Yet to crack Dhuis down hear yet!


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