Young fellas first Rainbow

Nothing quite says camping like two days of strong wind warnings and the risk of a thunderstorms....but off we headed, down Waroona way on Friday after school. 

Friday night until around 4 in the morning was very windy with out Rhino awaning liberating from its aluminium frame and the 6m Kings gazebo over our swag pumping throughout the night like an obese athletes lungs. I was waiting for it to blow out.

We were up at 0245 to secure some of our gear and saw the lignitng start and boy did it deliver. Closest flash bang we got was 3 seconds which puts it at ~1km away.

Once that finally buggered off mid morning, we managed to get across to the lake for a bit of a fish with Blake very keen to knock off either redfin or rainbow on his fish ID book. A few casts later, his nephew asks for a go and instantly gets a hookup landing a decent fish. Yay but bugger. The fish is put back after a quick look and Blake gets his rod back. Over the next hour walking around the lake, we get and see nothing....

Back to camp for a couple of hours and we head off to a different dam for another go. Saw plenty of marron and one redfin pop out for a look though didnt get any hook up's. Still, it was nice and fresh so for that part, good to have a look.

Back to the first dam and 20 minutes into casting without seeing anything and time to tell Blake to put his jumper on. He passes me the rod, I jig it twice and I am on! He ditches the jumper and I hand him the rod for him to reel in a healthy rainbow trout after a couple of runs.

To say he was stoked was an understatement. Everyone across the damn new he had a fish and after a few reminders about not being a youtuber (he watches too much YBS) we sorted the fish out, got a few snaps and took it back to camp. Not another fish was cought.

It was processed, wrapped in foil and cooked on coals for 10 minutes on each side. A few had a taste and it was certainly unoffensive. 

Glad to get another species knocked off




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Something special

Tue, 2022-11-01 14:29

There sure is something special about seeing the sheer delight on kids faces holding a prize catch.
Top stuff and a thumbs up for the report.


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Good on him

Tue, 2022-11-01 14:31

 Nice fish

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 They are a beautiful fish,

Tue, 2022-11-01 15:16

 They are a beautiful fish, well done to the young fella!


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 now u owe him a fly rod, and

Tue, 2022-11-01 15:45

 now u owe him a fly rod, and a  trip to NZ for a proper 3+kg job 

good stuff

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 Woke up yesterday morning at

Wed, 2022-11-02 10:12

 Woke up yesterday morning at 0400 dreaming that we were going to NZ and had forgotten to get passports. Woke up stressed and took half a day to calm down lol.


NZ is on the cards one day. 

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Well done for persistence

Wed, 2022-11-02 09:23

Well done for persistence with the weather. Great team work getting the fish


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Looks like it

Wed, 2022-11-02 14:19

Grew up in wild . Doesn’t look like concrete trout . Nice fish

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 Great stuff! I agree with LJ

Thu, 2022-11-03 12:42

 Great stuff! I agree with LJ that the tail is not one that has grown up in a tank.


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