Worst Stuff Ups



 Let’s all have a laugh and list our worst stuff ups

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Let’s all have a laugh and

Mon, 2019-11-18 20:58

Let’s all have a laugh and list our worst stuff ups

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I reversed the boat into the

Mon, 2019-11-18 21:24

I reversed the boat into the garage on holidays... bye bye T Curve.

Was down Dunsborough this Jan at a heaving ramp and there was a big bang as I drove onto the trailer... forgot to trim up in the rush to retrieve and I now have a 4 blade prop with shaved ends 


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Aside from leaving the muffs

Mon, 2019-11-18 21:34

Aside from leaving the muffs on I once miss calculated the length of the outboard when reversing the boat down the driveway and put the skeg clean through the roller door right up to the exhaust and partially inserted into the ex’s car  boot.....


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 Cruising back to the ramp at

Mon, 2019-11-18 21:49

 Cruising back to the ramp at corroboree billabong in the Territory, maiden voyage for my dingy- 4 bloke 2 dingys 3 months across the top end living the dream when i was about 21.... 


Flat calm glassy water, i could trim up a touch and beat my mate in the other tinny which of course i did...


Flying along flat out and there was a big croc sitting still in the water so i veered his way and at the last minute he took off, little did I know he was sitting on a submerged log!! Dingy went sideways, fuck knows how my mate didnt get thrown out, we nearly hit the bank but were able to sort ourselves out...


Needless to say the other blokes nearly fell from the other boat in laughter...





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 Twice I have gone out with

Tue, 2019-11-19 06:10

 Twice I have gone out with my son from woodies and when I got in the boat after parking the car I go to start the motor (pull start on the dinghy) I look down and gee that's alot of water I've got a stessel with 2 bungs pouring in water. Funny thing is the boat handled a lot better with the extra weight down low no speed loss that's for sure. Would be a different story if I couldn't see it early though. 


 rather be fishing

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Once went to west end from hillarys

Tue, 2019-11-19 07:30

 Started trolling and the steering got a bit heavy boat sluggish, put bilge  pump on full throttle  and it eventually drained out. Managed a few spainish macks.


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Worst? Where do you start?

Tue, 2019-11-19 07:51

 back in the 90's, I incurred the wrath of my wife by insisting on going out fishing on Fathers Day. Her logic on that and mine did not align. Caught little, and backing the old 16ft Clark Commander CC under the carport, forgot I had the rods in the holder on the front of the console. 

Four snapped rods.

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I went out with me old man

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:02

I went out with me old man chasing some mackies he was keen to test out his new gaff and I was keen to catch my first mackie I finally hooked up to a horse got it to the side of the boat the silly old prick did a one handed gaff shot the mackie spat the lure out and ripped the gaff straight out of the old man's hand lol that was out behind ningaloo so fucked if I was jumping in after it

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Anothe Ningaloo gaff accident

Sat, 2019-11-23 10:11

 Son did an extravagant gaff shot with a long gaff that hit me, the bloke with the fish on, fair in the face and knocked a $600 pair of glasses off and into the water, gone for good.

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 Swamped a tinny at the mouth

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:13

 Swamped a tinny at the mouth of the west alligator. Had to walk/ swim to shore then walk back to the camp at pococks beach. 
Biggest stuff ups make the best stories. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 Years ago I got my wish in

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:16

 Years ago I got my wish in Karratha. Xmas present to fish dream off.

Trying to catch GT's etc and other big fish up there I got a Stella SW10 000, Samurai Jig10 and spooled with Verivas braid. All top notch and not cheap. 

had a few good trips but then stupidity struck. 

Hooked a spinner shark which was fun to bring in. Not up to a Mako but close. 

was boat side and I put the rod combo down in the boat and didnt let of drag +++ as I grabbed the Leader. Mr. Noah decided to have another go, dragged the leader through my hand, then onto braid and boy does that stuff cut quick. Instictively let go and FN oops - the whole combo disappeared towed by spinning shark over the edge.

A grown man sitting almost crying in the boat. 

Lesson: 1.  Always loosen the drag when on a leader.

2. Always place the butt in a rod holder

3. Braid burns

4. If you dont follow the above 3 -bring tissues!!!!!


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 Heading down to Madura bay

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:36

 Heading down to Madura bay years ago with a mate to catch some Tailor we loaded the beach rods into the Hilux tray with the tips pointing out over the cab. Wooo let's get some beers from the drivethrough bottle-o on the way down, nek minute rods are smashed into the drivethrough roof lol. No fishing but beers to drown the sorrows. 


Love the West!

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Took the boat out a couple of

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:43

Took the boat out a couple of years ago just after the demersal ban, at the ramp 4am sharp do all my pre checks on the tub drop it in, motor wont turn over.. pull it back out check everything figure batteries must be flat which is odd because I'd checked them the day before

Call it a day go home and replace the batteries, test them out boat runs all fine and well.. next morning do the same thing drop the boat in go to turn it over and nothing
Start getting frustrated checking all connections giving everything a once over thinking I may have something draining the batteries for about half an hour till the decky points out I haven't clicked the lanyard onto the deadmans switch 

Still haven't lived that one down


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 Lost a pair of 11ft snyder

Tue, 2019-11-19 08:51

 Lost a pair of 11ft snyder glass rods off the back of my ute when i first got my license, got to two rocks before i realised, backtracked home and found them on wanneroo rd at beach rd. Went home and picked up my back up rod got to two rocks and got smoked by something that the back up rod had no chance of stopping, i triple check all tie downs now.


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Two Rocks

Tue, 2019-11-19 12:42

Probably about 20 years ago, I went to Two Rocks....of course only 1 ramp and busy as shit, as it normally is.

Backed in and my mate jumped out of the passenger side, locking the door. For some reason, I jumped out of the drivers side and instinctively locked the door. That's when the blood drained out of my face.

So here we are, backed into the only ramp, with a locked car and a horde of anxious fishers wanting to launch.

Comments were made, stares became glares and I was looking for the nearest brick to break the window. What I found was a discarded professional bait strap. Squeezed it down the door and managed to pull up the lock.

Probably took 10-12 minutes, but it was one of the worst 10-12 minutes I've ever had at a ramp!!!

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worst nightmare

Wed, 2019-11-20 06:27

right there cheers Pete.

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Similar to SeaKem but wifes

Tue, 2019-11-19 12:43

Similar to SeaKem but wifes fault... so its ok right? :-)
was at 3 mile camp in Gnaraloo, dodgy looking bunch of young punks turned up in pajero SWB with nothing other than a carton of baked beans and beers - we were going for a walk so i took rods out of tinny and hid under car - (didnt tell wife) when we got back she moved car to block the wind over the camp - 3 point turn = crunch!
she still owes me for that........

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Wifes fault

Wed, 2019-11-20 06:30

Good luck with that one  cheers Pete.

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Two Rocks ramp

Tue, 2019-11-19 18:05

 Drove the 24 foot Star boat on to the trailer and left it idling in gear while hooking the winch cable and safety chain on. Hopped back in boat to turn off engine and lift leg then into car and drove off.


BANG !   wtf was that, forgot I had tied a line to a chafer on the jetty when I came in and went to get the car and trailer. Tore the chafer right off the jetty, quick look around and there was only one person who saw what happend and he was a good mate, shaking his finger and promising not to tell anyone [with his fingers crossed]


Another one, again at Two Rocks, same boat and about 4.30 in the arvo with sea breeze well and truly in, had 4 new pots on and was going to drop them and bring the old one s back in, was about 500 metres from marina when the enging started coughing and farting, told son to dump the pots over the side so I could open the engine box and see what was wrong.

Opened box lid and there was water spraying everywhere, looked under deck hatch and there was about a foot of water in bilge slopping about. Flat chat and getting about 4 knots out of a 400ci Chevy was all we could get so told son Jeff [12yr old] to drive boat in passed the end of jetty so I could jump off and bring car and trailer down for him to drive straight on. [Wise move years before teaching him to drive a boat confidently]


Back trailer down and he drove straight on, stopped at top of ramp and sure enough, both bungs out, son had taken them out [something I never do so don't need to check them] Sat there for 20 minutes having a beer while water was pouring out of bilge and separate engine box drains.

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After Perth sky show back in

Tue, 2019-11-19 19:22

After Perth sky show back in the old days my mate who said he was right to drive decided to take the 14ft tinnie through the maccas drive through. We ordered our meals then proceeded to the collection window then BANG! He had totally forgot he had the boat and dragged it through the ordering speaker on the tight bend and trailer was jammed on top with a heap of cars banking up behind. 

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Ha - this is gold

Wed, 2019-11-20 10:40

back in Darwin with my parents while on the plane heading back into Leeder creek, trying to catch the falling tide we hit a sandbar doing about 30kts; it was like hitting a tree - gear everywhere - three broken baitcasters. Stepfather cursing like a champ. thankfullypropand leg were all goodand we were able to float off

my first boat here in Perth was a 21' Pacemaker.  During launching once at Leeuwin barracks, I didn't put the trailer in deep enough - BANG - boat dropped onto ramp in about shin deep water - was heavier than I thought. thankfully they were heavily glassed back then..

The same boat - towed it to Karratha when I took a job up there - found out the trailer was munted so got a new trailit built and delivered.  I was doing the wheel swapover at Hampton harbour yacht club - so I launched the boat and dragged it around and onto the beach while I changed over the (good) wheels. Someone passing by said - geez your boat sits low hey? - I'd not put the bungs in (as I wasn't going fishing was my lame excuse).  I got caught out a few times with the big tides in Karratha - in particular one morning launch during FeNaCle, and clipped a bombie on the way out - couldn't see it in the morning light, and normally my boat would run in 600mm of water

I then upgraded to a newer/bigger trailerboat - had a few Jetty-touch-parking experiences during retrieval in high winds at Woodies..

more than once have I forgotten to put the bungs in.......geez I'm a slow learner; usually when I'm being rushed in my launch routine.

staying in Albany one time way backduring Xmas time, I had my bream outifits in the rod holders during a creek retrieval, and forgot to stow them.on the way out on thedirtroad, i must have cut some corners....i had to re-buy two 1-3kg carbon rods (why are they so expensive??!!)

another Xmas trip to Albany during solo beach retrieval, the boat got stuck on the backroller;  i kept winching hoping it would pop up - i had wet hands,and the winch handle slipped, causing the winch handle to recoil super fast which smashed into my thumg casuing a compound fracture - basically my knuckle waspoking out....$2000 fix and now thumb won't work properly...for good

In 2018, we towed my current boat to Coral Bay - had a couple of kayaks in the back for the kids to use while up there ....had my VHF antenna stowed downwards.  We had to swerve to miss an Emu - I now have a slightly shorter VHF (stills works but)

Maybe I should take up golf ?


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Fark pissing myself after

Wed, 2019-11-20 12:38

Fark pissing myself after reading that..drive through bottle shops and maccas drive throughs...LOL

Forgot the bungs a few times...left muffs on a few times...forgot hat once....left Sounder and GPS at home a couple times....lost transducer to cray rope once....Went in the drink once at cockburn ramp putting boat in....430am in the morning...middle of winter...just a bit chillie.

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 Got a scrub turkey cutting

Wed, 2019-11-20 12:37

 Got a scrub turkey cutting through Burkett Rd heading back from gamex one year. Instinctively ducked as it just missed the windscreen of the cruiser but got it with the boat windscreen. Ended up on top of the gear on the deck and made a bit of a mess. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 I went out to pull the pots

Wed, 2019-11-20 12:41

 I went out to pull the pots during my first year as a potter. A quick trip out on a 30 something degree day. Being confident of a quick trip I didn't worry about sunscreen. After getting out there and finding my pots were missing I spent about 2 hours trying to find them and finally, once finding them, about an hour to extract them from the reef they were stuck on. Needless to say when I got home I was so badly sunburnt that I couldn't move for days.   

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 Had 2 get oil 2 stroke

Wed, 2019-11-20 15:27

 Had 2 get oil 2 stroke oil... quick rush to mhueling marine for the Xd oil in the morning mate says let's put oil in here reluctantly I agreed so we dropped the motors  filled em up with oil. And then we  drove off .... got to Hillarys and heard this big scrape as I went over speed hump.... had a sinking feeling in my gut ran around to back of boat  realising I hadn't put them back up after putting in oil because I was talking to much shit ...clean bent skeg almost 90degrees 


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Wed, 2019-11-20 17:22

 A "reliable" source tells a story about a couple of spearos who caught a shark on line decided to subdue it in the boat with a smokie, missed and blew a nice hole in the hull.

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Me old mate in Hawaii cocked

Thu, 2019-11-21 18:39

Me old mate in Hawaii cocked his smokey and it blew a hole straight through his hand, he successfully sued the manufacturer for a $35k payout and then we went shopping for a new truck. I got given his old F150..... RIP Captain Rusty Spencer

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This stuff is absolutely

Wed, 2019-11-20 17:35

This stuff is absolutely gold!

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 Took my then 7yr old

Wed, 2019-11-20 17:54


Took my then 7yr old daughter out for the first time to check my craypots behind GI. Took my shorts off (had boxers on btw) so they wouldnt get stinky. pulled the first pot and had a grand ol' time showing off some crayfish. moved off to the second pot, turned the boat and the bloody howling easterly blew my shorts overboard. No stress i thought, turned the boat around and thought 'fook' why are they sinking so fast. I was just about to jump in after them but having a 10ft bronzy at the spot the day before put me off that idea. The penny dropped and the reason they sank so fast was because my phone and car keys where in them! I tried to stay super calm but had my hands on my head going "no no no" and it scared my daughter a bit. I got my wits back. Calmed her down a bit and then made the journey back to the ramp to work on getting out of this mess.  If anyone wants to know its bloody hard to retrieve the boat with no car keys and no spares! I managed to get in to the car and jump start my hilux. By this time I thought I was DA MAN until the steering lock came on. Long story short I Got it sorted in the end!


Big Rigs Downunder


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 Jim that is a fucking

Wed, 2019-11-20 22:15

 Jim that is a fucking cracker

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 Yep that is gold hahaha 

Thu, 2019-11-21 14:57

 Yep that is gold hahaha 

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 Yep they are all beauties

Thu, 2019-11-21 15:04

 Yep they are all beauties but this one has me cringing the most!

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Happened to brother

Wed, 2019-11-20 22:47

Down at Leeuwin launching ramp, brother launches his boat (21 ft glass) by reversing down the ramp then slamming on the brakes there is the wife standing on the jetty holding onto the berthing line.

The boat slides of the trailer with some speed and energy E=M/V= squd I think is how it goes, wife trys to restrain boat from proceeding out to far along jetty what ever that too far is, is not defined.

Energy of boat out strips wifes ability to stop boat but, but, she isn't going to be beaten by this boat wanting to travel further than she is prepared to walk to load it up with gear for the day out on the water. She refuses to go along with the boats travel and doesn't let go of mooring rope and digs in.
The boat rips her off the ramp and into the river then continues along it's way out into the out going current.
Wife immediately lets go of mooring line, brother gets out of car and berates wife for letting go of line and tells her to swim out after boat and bring it back to the ramp.
Wife replies using such language that has not been heard from her before and is most un lady like and cause brothers face to turn as red as a beetroot, children to be rushed away from the ramp and placed in cars, onlookers and those waiting to launch to burst out with unrestrained laughter.
He abandons the car on the ramp and plunges in the river and swims out to recover his boat.
When he gets back to the ramp car trailer wife and kids are no were to be found.
No fishing is done on that day/

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I’ve also witnessed a marine

Thu, 2019-11-21 10:19

I’ve also witnessed a marine sparky installing a stereo system comprising of a head unit and six inch speakers. After cutting the speaker hole with the six inch hole saw he flicked the cordless to reverse to remove the attachment so one hand was on the trigger and the other holding the chuck. The hole saw spun in reverse and the chuck released the saw and proceeded to run along the full length of the deck as well as ricocheting across the beam of the new Boston whaler....

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 First trip out from Woodies

Thu, 2019-11-21 13:54

 First trip out from Woodies in my brand new tinny. My old tinny you had too pretty much float off the bunks/rollers so I would take off the chain and winch strap at the top of the ramp, turn up with the new one and without thinking did exactly the same thing, got half way down the ramp and between nice new rollers  and physics the tinny slid off, can still feel the pain of looking down to see pieces of the skeg on the ramp and my mate with two awesome rope burns from the bow line as he tried to stop it from tipping.   So if you ever see me in my Savage Osprey 425 with a 40 Honda with a Skegguard, it's not for show it's cos I'm an idiot!

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 Thankfully not too many for

Thu, 2019-11-21 15:45

 Thankfully not too many for me to write in but have collected a sandy lump whilst doing 20 knots. Sent wife and kids flying. Didn't let go of the helm so had significant pain in my arm for a few weeks.

My best would be when I was 18 or 19, cutting the  corner at heathcote (in the river) in Dad's 18.5m yacht that drew 2.8m. Stopped at 8 knots in mud and spent the next 30 minutes trying to get the boat off whilst dad was standing at the end of the jetty watching me. If anyone has seen inside out, picture the red bloke....

Have also had a moment jumping waves in my tinny when the outboard decided to disconnect from the boat at 20 knots. Thankfully it landed kinda where it took off from...

Dislodged a few firm poo's that day!

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 Not quite a stuff up but a

Fri, 2019-11-22 07:11

 Not quite a stuff up but a very near miss.

I use to own a old 35 glasscraft that max speed was 12 knots and cruising speed 9 knots, and we use to moor the boat at Freshwater Bay. One Christmas we were staying in Dawesville for around 10 days so i decided to take the boat down there. Christmas morning after unwrapping all the presents at home the missus dropped me and the brother in law of at the mooring to cruise down to Dawesville. Armed with 24 red cans of death we set off, now doing 9 knots meant it was going to be a long trip. As we came out from Freo the swell was around 2.0mtrs and the wind around 20knot southerly. The brother inlaw instantly started feeling queasy so he went down to the transom to try and get better. Now four hours later me sitting on the flybridge with the esky I though we will head through the Mandurah entrance to get into calmer waters.

The brother in law came back up as we were steaming to the old traffic bridge he passed the comment "are we going to get under the bridge". with any thought i said yeah of course. as we reach the point of no return my beer googles cleared up and panic set in. Down with the bimini top ariels down. As i crouched on the fly bridge to keep steeering the boat we literally had about 100mm clearance (lucky the tide was right for us). Now being Christmas day in Mandurah the bridge was packed with people fishing. Some ran for safety other just stood their pissing themselves laughing. 

That wasnt the end of the ordeal. The boat use to draw 1.4mtrs of water and as most know alot of the estuary is around that depth. If I wasnt in the middle of the channel i was chruning up the bottom with the prop. We finally managed to get to S bend in between the Harvey and Peel Esturary I missed the channel marker due to the sun being in my eyes and run her aground good and proper. I managed to get the boat off by thrusting her back and forth. 6 hours later after leaving Freshwater Bay we manage to get to our destination in one piece. The Brother in law was a bit rattled at the time but we still laugh about it now. 


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 I hope you had a few cans

Sat, 2019-11-23 09:45

 I hope you had a few cans left once you started to relax!!

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 my first boat we did a trip

Sat, 2019-11-23 12:03

 my first boat we did a trip over to rotto with another boat. ended up with battery probs but still managed to keep the boat running all day. on the way back in towards the lewin ramp the motor started to splutter a bit so quickly disconnected the fuel line to put onto the second tank . the motor then cut out , tried to re start but then flattened the battery in the process and with the current flowing we hooked up to the other boat to be towed in to the ramp. got the tub on the trailor then went to sort out the prob to realise i disconnected the fuel line from the motor not the tank. total novice move. 

same boat launched at point peron. went and parked the car and walked back down to the boat with Sandy yelling at me but with a hearing prob i couldnt hear her properly so i kept going to find out she was telling me to bring the car back quick as the boat was filling with water fast. never ran that quick in my life, yep , left the bung out . took 5 minuits to fill up but about half hour to drain properly. it seemed like it anyway. 

lesson learnt, never done it again


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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 Was about half way up the

Sat, 2019-11-23 14:17

 Was about half way up the outside of the murions in my old 17r and neutral switch wire came off inside the control box. Took a while to figure out why it wouldn't kick over. Pulled the control box apart with a bait knife and fishing pliers and got home ok. 

Same boat was fishing a comp in Hedland and dropped a decent fish into the engine well to bleed. Gave a big head shake and broke off one of the hoses for the steering. 
Another pliers and fillet knife job to clean the olive up and put it back together. Had spare fluid but new olive would of been really handy. 
Was right on a ride change and missed outright win in the comp by a kg too. That hour would of been handy. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 When young somehow managed

Mon, 2019-12-02 21:21


When young somehow managed to convice my step dad to take his boat 700k's for a week long trip with a mate.

Got there late arvo, windy as hell but what the hell its blowing offshore lets launch.  Got 500 metres from ramp motor dies and anchor goes out.  Much searching eventually worked out the saftey switch, bit of electircal tape (half roll) and we are all good.

Shortly after tried to turn but the steering is seized to the right (gunked grease) can only steer straight or left.  Decided better head in, but to do so needed to steer right more than anything.  Around 30 large left hand circles (more like ovals) and we managed to get back to the ramp somehow not ramming the concrete pontoon or breakwall.

spent the next day getting all the packed grease out, during which managed to break the steering wheel.  fixed the steering and went fishing for three days struggling to turn whats left of the wheel (very short spokes), new steering wheel then arrived and fitted fished another day and then went back home.  

Next trip took my boat and mate dropped his scuba tank on the (soft) floor putting a hole in it.


good times


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 Well after laughing at all

Mon, 2019-12-02 18:19

 Well after laughing at all you blokes I can honestly say I couldn’t add to the forum in my 20 years of boating... until today. Not a huge stuff up but pretty stupid. Went and pulled my Cray pots out of mindarie today and thought I’d have a squid bash while I was at it. Always cast a rod off the back and stick it in my bait board rod holder and then concentrate with a handline. Well it turns out I forgot to tighten up the knobs on the bait board and yoink there went me Shimano Stradic and daiwa rod. Only had the reel serviced 6 weeks ago and was first time I had used it again. There was fuck all I could do about it other than curse a lot. It even went down like a typical squid yanking motion. Having a tin now and can see the funny side 

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 I did similar last year mate

Tue, 2019-12-03 10:14

 I did similar last year mate when a rod of mine went over with my new 4k Stella stood watching it sink to the depths never to be seen again. Anyway my other rods goes off with what I know is a Dhuie and damned if it hasn't tangled around the braid of the other rod. Was pretty have with a good 6kg Dhue and my Stella back. 


Love the West!

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 I've had exactly the same

Tue, 2019-12-03 10:43

 I've had exactly the same when a little fella dropped my plastics rod overboard, expect an eel not a Dhu... But i was happy none the less!

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Tue, 2019-12-03 16:41

that is lucky

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Good that people can be

Tue, 2019-12-03 11:35

Good that people can be honest for a laugh - own a boat long enough and you're bound to do some dumb shit eventually, usually at the start. 

New boat - previous owner stating that the boat 'runs off the smell of an oily rag'. Fuelled up to the brim prior to the maiden voyage. Monster day out on the water, sun up to pretty much sun down, huge amount of k's done. Me n' my mates looking at the fuel guage thinking, fark this thing does run off the smell of an oily rag still got half a tank... half way across the sound, we conked it out of fuel (and didnt bring any spare). Fuel guage didnt work! Pretty nasty call to the previous owner. My own dumb fault for not bringing spare fuel (always do now). Pretty dangerous thing not to tell someone that the fuel guage is faulty - such an easy fix too. 

Same boat many years after first incident - motor started at the ramp, push off, steering is seized (only noticed after we had pushed off)! could only go forward or back! Lucky we got back onto the jetty without too much hassel!

Mate put his rod in one of the rocket launchers prior to driving and had an old plastic on the end at the top - told him to take it off, but he was too lazy so left it there. Must have got caught on a tree in the suburbs - went to go fish.... and he has been spooled! hahah

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Pulled in to the servo to

Tue, 2019-12-03 12:14

Pulled in to the servo to fill up some time back.

Pumped 20 litres in before I realised the nozzle was in a rod holder and not the filler.

Cleaned up the mess and eventually got out, but took a couple more trips out before the smell of fuel was gone.


And anyone who HASN'T launched without the bungs in, hasn't been boating.............

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Closest I've come (so far) is

Tue, 2019-12-03 12:24

Closest I've come (so far) is reversing it in without bungs and realised as the bilge pump kicked in. Still took a good 10 mins to drain!


If catching wrasse is cool, consider me Miles Davis

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A mate of mine has done the

Tue, 2019-12-03 12:36

A mate of mine has done the old fuel into the rod holder trick - except he did about 100l!

Also got told of a bloke doing that in the river and pumping approximately 2,000l of fuel into the river (pissed at the time) - copped a fine for it too. 

Yep. done no bungs once before too. 

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 I’ve done the rod holder

Tue, 2019-12-03 16:38

 I’ve done the rod holder trick a few times but the pump always clicks so then I realise Hahahaha. I always double check now 

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Gnaraloo entrance

Wed, 2019-12-04 06:02

 Dragging the boat up from Two Rocks to Gnaraloo for what was going to be a 2 week trip. Couple of cans after we hit the dirt at Quobba and going steady steady, got to about 2 metres from the entrance to Gnaraloo and suddenly wake up its too late.

Big ali masthead light that was one second before it its rightful place on the cabin roof is now on the ground behind the boat. Bugger, completely forgot how high it was.Full can in back pocket and open one in top pocket

We, son and I were a day earlier than 2 other crews coming in so, put boat in, had a real good trip out and put boat on a mooring only for it to remain there for rest of stay as swell came right up closing whole bay out. The other 2 crews never even launched their boats. 

One good point is that we invented 2 can fishing while hoping swell would drop. opened can is empty, swap them roundFull unopened can in back pocket, opened can in top pocket, stroll along flicking lure, keep going until  top can is empty then swap them round and you know how long its going to take you to get back to the esky. Sit down and have a can, reload then head off in the other direction. Didn't catch many fish but ended up pretty pissed.




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 That's very funny! The 2 can

Wed, 2019-12-04 10:29

 That's very funny! The 2 can fishing that is - not the broken light or shit conditions!

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More to it

Thu, 2019-12-05 07:35

 While the boat was sitting on the mooring there was about a carton of cans sitting loose in a big icebox on the deck getting cooked and rolling around. 

When we finally got the boat out we cracked one to see if they were any good, talk about roo piss, it was rotten and stank, undrinkable. There was a roustabout on the station who would come visit us in the shearing shed each night and bum a couple of cans so we decided to put them in the fridge to cool them for him the night before leaving. As we headed out next day we told him there was some piss for him in the fridge, you could see his eyes light up and I bet he couldn't wait till lunch or knock off time to get at them.  Do i feel sorry for him, NOT, we laughed and talked about what would have happenedfor ages.

Never ran into him to find out what his response was.

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 Use to do a bit prawning in

Wed, 2019-12-04 06:58

 Use to do a bit prawning in the swan river. On this particular night there weren't to many running so we decided to head out in the sound as it was to early to go home. We head out of the heads and pointed the boat towards Carnac island. There was a slight swell about but nothing to worry about. Me and another guy were on the bow of the boat with the 1 million watt twelve volt torch and the prawn dab net, looking for anything that was in the water. To the north of Carnac island there is a few shallow reefs that we were idling around. As we were cruising over one where there was a metre of water over it, the swell suddenly sucked dry leaving the bow of the boat sitting high and dry on the reef. Everyone slid forward I went under the bow rail and managed to hold on and my mate went over the bow rail and managed to hold on. With everyone on the boat up the front of the boat (5of us) this lifted the leg of the motor out and we lost all drive. The boat started to fall over to the starboard side. At this point I thought we were going to be swamped by the next swell but the guys in the boat managed to get back to the transom on the port side stopped the boat from rolling onto its side. The swell came and pushed us back of the reef. My mate and me managed to climb back on the boat and get back on the deck. Needless to say we took off from that area and headed for deeper water. 


 Get busy living, or get busy dying!

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I have a few.1. Driving to

Wed, 2019-12-04 08:08

I have a few.

1. Driving to Steep Point towing a little 14ft tinnie. Make camp and with the daylight left decide for a quick trip over to Dirk Hartog. Engine starts making very strange metallic noises. Ooops, no oil in the fuel...engine cooked...managed to wave down the only other boat and get a tow back. wasted drive in and just prent a day or teo exporing the area on foot and car before towing boat back to Carnarvon.

2. I'm not mechanically minded at all. I struggle to inflate a bike tyre. However, I did attempt to change tyres on the boat trailer. If done badly I can tell you that they come off at the 32km mark. Not once, not twice but three times. My crew no longer let me do any maitainence on boat or vehicle. To have both tyres overtake you on the highway is scary and unbelievably lucky that no oncoming traffic was around. The boat trailer was bouncing sideways down the road on the stubs.

3. Bigger boat with new engine, what can go wrong? I have two fuel tanks giving me about 200 litres fuel. Big trip planned with crew. They have no confidence in my abilities and asked my at least a dozen times if had had filled the tanks with fuel. Of course, I replied. Well, that is what I thought I had done. Ran out of fuel 16km offshore. Crew refused to contact sea-rescue and managed to Mcgyver enough fuel to idel back to town.

Will post more later...

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 Hahahah love the storys

Wed, 2019-12-04 10:34

 Hahahah love the storys

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I’ve seen a tinnie half come

Wed, 2019-12-04 11:13

I’ve seen a tinnie half come off a trailer on the freeway while the outboard was in down position as safety chain wasn’t attached. Basically turned a long shaft into a short shaft minus a gearbox within 10 secs 

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Waroona dam august morning

Wed, 2019-12-04 16:02

 Launching the dinghy in Waroona dam about 7am one August morning many years ago.  Dinghy was a bit tight on the rollers so tied a rope from the bow to trailer, reversed and hit the brakes.  Dinghy comes off, rope comes undone and boat is sitting 20 metres out from the shore.  Strip down to jocks and swim out.....bloody hell that water is cold in August at 7am.

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Chapter Two...1. Took 14ft

Wed, 2019-12-04 18:07

Chapter Two...

1. Took 14ft tinnie to Gnaraloo and decided to chase reds. Conditions are outstanding but the only navigational device I have is my eyes and an echo sounder. I drive out to some deepish water with the land just in sight. There were butterflies everywhere due to the light easterly. I feel the breeze come in and decide to follow a butterfly to shore. It seemed to be heading the way I thought I need to go. I ended up just off Cape Farqhuar but fortunately had enough fuel to bash my way through the southerly chop back to Gnaraloo Bay 'boat ramp'.


2. My first trip to Gnaraloo I talked a mate into coming with me for a night fish. We went out earlier in the day and marked a likely looking spot(reef next to sand and drop-off) with a float. Got there as the sun was going down and dominated on Spanglies and pinks. Decided we had enough and...had no idea where land was. No GPS, lights anything. Having decided that a night in the boat was inevitable another boat cruised past and my mate used his cigarette lighter to get their attention and we followed them in. We went out the next night buit left a lantern on shore. Lesson learned.


3. Quick run out to the Islands of Carnarvon for  a morning dive. New crewman was told clearly NOT to get in or out on the starboard side due to leads and hose. He got so excited by the clarity of the water he jumped in, stood on all the hoses and shit and snapped the steering cable losing all the fluid. We decided to have another 30 minutes at the spot for a few fish and then using a rope managed to steer the boat, 46km, back to the ramp.

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 So you have lost land not

Thu, 2019-12-05 10:53

 So you have lost land not once but twice... you got a set of nuts on you I would shit me self hahaha hope u have a gps now

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I have two GPS and a compass

Thu, 2019-12-05 11:40

I have two GPS and a compass now

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Chapter Two...1. Took 14ft

Wed, 2019-12-04 18:09

double post oops

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had a few

Thu, 2019-12-05 11:36

 went down to Augusta with a mate in his 4wd. took a track down to some rocks and went for a fish. Walked back to the car to get some more beers- some bastard nicked the esky, broke open a tool box and got my mates bruno .22 and got in the cab and cleaned out our wallets and cds etc. Decided to leave for Perth, half way home I could hear a scraping noise so we pulled over- we were dragging all our rods along on the road with a rope..Unreal.

Another time I was towing a 18footer up to shark bay, about 80km short of Denham I noticed that the trailer wheel was wobbling a little. Pulled over and as I came to a stop the wheel fell off. Was pretty lucky.  left the boat and drove into town to get it fixed - Good Friday!  no one open.


Anywhere anytime

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 This is the best thread ever

Thu, 2019-12-05 11:40

 This is the best thread ever hahaha

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 Couldn't agree with you

Fri, 2019-12-06 14:50

 Couldn't agree with you more!

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Used to go beach fishing with

Thu, 2019-12-05 18:45

Used to go beach fishing with my mate at Golden Bay. He bought a new 14ft Snyder glass rod to cast over the surf but almost every time he gave it the mega heave ho he left the mulie behind on the beach or the star sinker went west and the mulie flew north west as the gang hooks just ripped straight through haha  

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Closest to a major farkup I

Thu, 2019-12-05 20:28

Closest to a major farkup I have had was 10 years ago. I tee'd up with a mate to borrow his 35 foot timber power boat for a trip to Rotto. Had a pen booked and a chunk of gold in my pocket ready to drop the knee that weekend...

Went for a test putt in the river to get my head around it and no dramas. Filled it with Diesel ready for the weekend.

Rocked up on Saturday morning and cranked the motor for nothing. Batteries completely flat.
Tried to jump start without luck so went and grabbed batteries out of the old mans yacht. Got the batteries to the borrow boat and managed to break a terminal clamp whilst removing the battery.

Took the cables home to make a new one and headed back to the boat, connected everything up and nothing...even with new batteries.

Gave up and called Rottnest and swapped my pen booking to a villa for a couple of nights.
Weekend went well and 10 years later with two kids, things are pretty good.

Back to the boat - the bloke who owned it went down the next day and messed around with it and after a mechanics visit, got it running. He, with a tank full of fuel, headed off to rotto and half way across noticed a bit of water in the bilge. 8 minutes later, it sunk near the windmills.

Thankfully it was a busy day and they were able to step off onto a passing boat.

Dodged a bullet there. No part of the boat was recovered.

10 years later, I am still dreaming of a few nights on a boat a rotto!

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That is the stuff of nightmares

Thu, 2019-12-05 22:45

One very lucky escape could so easily become a nightmare of a short trip.

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Just finished rewiring my

Sun, 2020-04-05 19:21

Just finished rewiring my trailer lights when my hot neighbor poked her head over the fence to chat about covid blah blah when I realized the time and had to get food shopping done before the shops shut and told her as such. I jumped into the car and took off hastily. On return to my car to put the shopping away I noticed the trailer plug still in the car socket with a small amount of cabling trailing behind.

Not my worst but not my greatest moment either  

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dont believe you....

Mon, 2020-04-06 17:10

 please post pic of neighbor.......

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My hariest experience

Mon, 2020-04-06 16:57

Done the bungs out, and best rod/reel combo overboard when rod holder topplate parted ways (they are only spot welded on contact) with bottom section while trolling... the worst part is seeing it go overboard before you can reach it.

My hariest experience/stuffup happened over a couple of days a few years ago now... on Saturday my second last fishing day at Exxy on our 5.5m glass Allison (130hp etec) heading back late pm from South of Tantabiddi with me and my yougest son (12yrs old) on board and a North blow got worse and worse.

As I'm approaching the main entrance the waves are standing up - what seemed like nearly 2m high and 4m apart... so i'm going perpendicular up the one wave at virtually no speed with enough throttle to get to top, then yanking my steering wheel (via cable stearing) as hard as i can at top as i go down to next wave to "zig-zag" walk across each wave and repeat, before i could get into channel. Very hairy - but got there.

Monday morning - the best smoothest conditions, gorgeous. I had 30l fuel left, last day, so plan is 'fly' down to south passage at 30knots, do two troll drifts, troll one or two Spanish Macs up and come back. Less fuel to tow back to Perth.

So we go out, glassoff and flying down at 30knots, cutting across two wakes of bigger boats at speed, get there, start trolling and within a couple minutes - we're on... but as it happened fish under boat, now heading the other way and I'm trying to get it in to beat the tax collectors...

So i say to my son stear thataway and say - well do more, adjust the throttle... but it didn't matter the stearing cable had broken.

Fish soon gone and no stearing. I found out that pushing a boat through the water instead on a plane uses up more fuel. I didn't have enough. Conditions were still good.

Tied a rope around the back two cleats and around engine (that's hard while on water) with the noah's there. But the torque when trying to get the boat out of water onto a plane meant that we were going round in circles. so i told my son who hadn't driven a boat before, how to operate the throttle, ie click in and stop etc, and if he saw some whales or other boats to stop while i climbed onto the marlin board. So I sat at the back with my back to direction travelling and pulling on the RHS rope with both hangs to take out the stretch in the rope to fight to counter the torque of engine etc.

From that position you can't see over the front deck.

He stopped. Whats up - whales, where, oh on the horizon, don't worry wait till closer. And stopping every 10 minutes because my hands were killing from the strain. Not fun stearing from the marlin board and eventually into Tanta boat ramp sitting backwards, pulling on rope.

But we got there with 3 litres to spare. Learnt quite a few things those hols.

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Similar experience

Fri, 2020-04-10 16:45

 I had similar experience 2 years ago in coral bay. Went out south passage with couple mates in my 4.6m trailcraft. Was 7 or so mile out when steering cable snapped. Had to come back through south passage while one of my mates steered the engine with his hands while I was screaming out directions to him what way to push the outboard. He had his back turned to the way we were going as he was sitting on the back with a life jacket on. Lucky it was a pretty good day but still left some skids in my jocks. Fucken hairy experience we were all glad to step back on land after that one.

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Thu, 2020-04-09 22:15

Early morning boat recovery in bad conditions.Finally got the boat on the trailer and away went the tractor with the boat and trailer 2kms to where I store the boat.

i arrived to the storage area  15-20 minutes later and found the tractor driver standing at the port engine(Yamaha f70)shaking his head.He explained that the engine had still been running when he reached the storage area and he had pulled the kill cord.

The motor cover was smoking and was so hot I couldn’t touch it.

I left the engine overnight to cool down then did an oil change and changed the plugs.

That was around 400hrs ago and the engine runs the same as the starboard engine.

Apart from routine filter and plug changes had to replace the starter relay but can’t say if this was caused by the overheat.

I have to say that I am a fan of Yamaha engines as they are fairly idiot proof.

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Land based Stuff up

Fri, 2020-04-10 15:20

Was up at False Entrance with a mate in September about 20 years ago in Nissan Patrol GQ only one other camp in the bay and they where East coast travellers that wouldn't go on the beach as it was super soft. Was coming back from Crayfish Bay and the North Hedland hill was tough to get over so went the low tide short cut around the reef as had done numerous times over the years. Worst sound I've ever heard as I mis judged the line and the front right wheel fell into bottomless reef hole. Fuck that's not good, even gets worst as can't even open my car door due to angle of the situation. Get out realise I'm in a lot of shit and only person that could possibly help doesn't even want to drive on the beach let alone drive out to reef Hedland to pull me out of the shit. Had a little moment of legs shaking thinking just lost car in remote location however on the 4th or 5th attempt in low reverse the mighty Nissan found some traction and pulled out from its watery grave. To this day have never been so happy to get out of a pretty grave situation. Not life threatening but would of been pretty embarrassing loosing the car and also no phone reception. Atleast we had beer and plenty of snapper in the freezer if it all went pear shaped.

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 We drove out to the

Fri, 2020-04-10 16:08

 We drove out to the blowholes out there a few years back. Turned the car off to take a look around. 5 mins later, jumped in, turned the key and silence...

Packed my dackaries for a few minutes until I realised it was just a loose connection due to the corrugations. Tightened up the bolt and off we went.

Makes your brain shit real hard when your right out there and something stops working!

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worst stuff ups

Sun, 2020-04-12 11:13

 net fishing in the peel about a fortnight ago, got back to the boat ramp about 10 pm, another boat right behind me, so I charge up, get the boat trailer, back it into the water, already had the electric winch cable out ready to hook on, press the remote, and nothing happens, check to see if I have the winch in gear, yes all good there, so I get back on the boat & grab a screw driver set, take the back of the remote, spair battery in the glove box, get it altogether, still not working, so looks like I have to use the manual winch, very slow also boat wieght about 1,2 tonnes, firstly the cable is jammed, get large screw driver, use it as a crow bar, eventually get the cable out, hook onto boat, @ the age of 74, not the best exercise to do, as the other boat is still waiting to load up, I wind it on as quick as I can, with 3 stops to get air, finally get the boat on, I am a lather of sweat,, next morning I go out get the remote, still not working, I have some welding couplings on the cables from winch to vehicle, look down, & one of them had come uncoupled, luckely I had them tide up so they dont drag on the road, so there you go did not get all that many fish iether, cheers Don.

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 Second day of a 2 week trip

Sun, 2020-04-12 14:32

 Second day of a 2 week trip  to  Westside of dirk Hartog island  a rock in the middle of track just kissed My sump plug  just enough to bend it and created  a  rather big oil leak !! not having much spare oil and it pissing oil from the sump at a rather fast rate I had to drain the oil from my 4x4  and keep it in a container for a week and a bit while I could semi enjoy my trip thinking how the F am I going to get back off the island without draining all the oil on the way out   And  really time ting my motor  I found some  adhesive i had packed but almost didn't bring with us  which I placed over the leaking area which held just enough to get to Perth   But still used  2l on the way home