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Heading down to Walpole in Jan for 10 days and looking to do some fishing out in the ocean. Will be my first time navigiting out of the inlet to the ocean, is there anyone on here that has done it recently that can comment on conditions or has done it before and can offer some tips and info on the best way to attack it. What to look for etc. Was thinking of taking my drone down so i can get a better look from the air to see if there is a particular route to take. Obviously weather is a important factor and not willing to risk heading out if the weather and or swell is not favourable.




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 Following, keen on info for

Tue, 2022-11-29 13:49

 Following, keen on info for here too. 


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 Hey mate it's local to

Tue, 2022-11-29 19:13

 Hey mate it's local to me,watch for s/e winds and southerly swell in the mouth as some big sets curl up in there.(had them come over the windscreen of the genesis a couple of times)usually anything s/w should be ok but still wait and watch for sets as you maybe only in 300mm of water at times.remember once out there near the breakers you are committed and she's on,don't try turn round. The inlet changes daily sometimes and even a 200mm tide difference can land you on a bar. The best thing is to jump behind a boat that look like they know where there going and sit tight. Water sometimes  can still be brackish brown so steady you go. Feel free to shoot more questions mate,you don't have to go far for the southern beauty's. Oh and don't forget to log on VMR 619 they'll have your back !

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The track out of the inlet to mouth is not a straight run,

Tue, 2022-11-29 17:45

 So work that out first, theres some shallow water to contend with as above. Then the short run out, sandbar on the port and rocks on the starboard side you'll get a feel for the swell and man the biggest swells I've come up against were out of Nornalup in February. Good fishing inside the inlet and up the rivers so if its sketchy save it for another day.

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Social run

Tue, 2022-11-29 19:18

If your down there for a while go for a social run down to the inlet mouth mid morning when the sun is allowing you to navigate the channels, it changes every year so always interesting to see what is going on. Keep close to the rocks heading out and inside the channel rock on the corner. Not sure of your boat size but ive fished the last 10 years out of a 4 m dinghy 40 hp which is easier than a big boat if the channel is shallow which it normally is at Christmas. We fish within 5-6 nm around the islands and always get a feed of demersals. Main fare is Queen Snapper and Black Arse but generally get a dhu or two every trip. We take local Cockburn squid for bait that certainly helps with the fish. I generally always get seasick due to festivities and the southern ocean is different to the Indian Ocean. Also caught Dhus on Soft Plastics in the area. Good luck and pick the good days. Most days we leave at first light and generally back in the mouth by 8:30am with a feed for the camp and bacon egg breakfast.

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 gotta love it when a plan

Wed, 2022-11-30 09:16

 gotta love it when a plan comes together on a camping trip, get your bag and head home for brekky. doesnt get any better!


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 Hi Guys, Thanks everyone so

Tue, 2022-12-06 15:18

 Hi Guys,


Thanks everyone so much for the info and feedback, i will read it over many times and follow all your advice before trying it out. Fingers crossed we can get out and get onto some good fish.

Will keep you all posted :)