Gday everyone

Im heading up to Wagoe on a solo mission next week, just for 2 days, Ive never been there before, any tips woiuld be awesome thanks, just landbased.

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Sun, 2024-03-03 12:16

Good spot mate if you get decent weather,careful driving on the beach,firm but a few sharp rocks poke up in the sand.take some good bootys for walking on reef and plenty of terminal tackle.Easterly wind with tide out get the balloons out for Mack's,snapper,big tailor.Awesome mulla spot to but I've only ever got soapies there.Deep water straight of the reef.Watch out for rogue waves and if it's rough,use a PFD

Good luck

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 Awesome thanks mate, is that

Sun, 2024-03-03 16:19

 Awesome thanks mate, is that on the beach south of the cliffs from Kalbarri? Thinking maybe a beach fish one night and a drone fish for mackys the next moring somewhere...

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Mon, 2024-03-04 09:27

Drive south looking for the gaps in the reef, some great fish to be caught  


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