WA Fishing Initiatives

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These are the 2007-2008 WA Fisheries Department Major Initiatives For Management of the State’s Recreational Fisheries as outlined in the WA Budget papers.
• Commence a major research project into the sustainability of blue swimmer crabs on the West Coast.
• Implement new management arrangements to protect crab stocks in the West Coast region.
• Commence Integrated Fisheries Management planning for demersal finfish in the West Coast region to determine future allocations between the recreational and commercial fishing sectors.
• Finalise Integrated Fisheries Management allocations between the commercial and recreational fishing sectors for the rock lobster and abalone resource.
• Review fishing consultative structures to ensure effective communication and consultation with recreational and commercial fishers and their peak representative bodies under an Integrated Fisheries Management framework.
• Review freshwater finfish fisheries in the Southwest, including the interaction between trout and other native fish to ensure the protection of native fish whilst promoting a viable recreational trout fishery.
• Review State-wide possession limits for recreational finfish to ensure long-term sustainability.
• Review management arrangements for key demersal species in the West Coast region.

Estimated budget outlay for 2007-08
Just over 10.2 million (That makes the $2 million the Federal Government has budgeted for the whole of Australia look pretty poor).


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I hate to see how the

Thu, 2008-05-15 15:14

I hate to see how the Fisheries will weigh up the cray fish allocation for the Recs seeing that the Pros have taken a hit with the fin fish??

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WA Fisheries budgets

Fri, 2008-05-16 09:02


Help... Where does that figure of $10.2 million come from?

The WA Fisheries budget I have is http://www.dtf.wa.gov.au/cms/uploadedFiles/part_13_fisheries(1).pdf which doesn't list separate recreational budgets.

Federal Budget for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2008/9 is $79.5 million. Page 76 in http://www.daff.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/654527/2008-09-afma.pdf

The $2 million is Labor's equivalent to the previous Coalition Government's $5 million per year for the Recreational Fishing Community Grants Programme. I heard there were not enough (approved??) applications to use that full amount.



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Hi Terry

Fri, 2008-05-16 09:17

That was the figure on the Fisheries budget papers on the WA Govt site I came across. I don't have the link now unfortunately. I only found it after a fair bit of digging around. I will try and find it again and pass it on. Colin


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