Updating a ABP for additional outboard power?

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Currently looking at purchasing a boat which has a larger motor than the ABP suggests. What's the process of getting the vessel re-evaluated to be approved for the larger donk? I've seen a few online companies, anyone used them before? Alternatively, is there someone local in WA who could provide this service / anyone recommends?

I know it's not illegal to run the larger outboard, but insurance could be a pain in the ass if you ever needed to claim for an on water incident.







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Worth it

Sun, 2021-01-03 12:35

Def worth getting it done.

I know someone who looked at a boat that had a motor on it rated higher then the builders plate. No insurance company would cover the boat.

The boat also had some transom cracks that a couple of boat surveyors put down to the motor upgrade. Would want to make sure you check it over fully

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Marine surveyor is required

Sun, 2021-01-03 13:14

Marine surveyor is required to inspect the boat do the calcs for weight and stability etc then sea trail and may not pass. Uncle did it about 10 years ago process may have changed though he only upgraded 10%. Insurance companies won’t touch it if over rated hp

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These are the two mobs I've

Sun, 2021-01-03 13:52

These are the two mobs I've found so far that do it;



From reading there, it seems like it can be done via sending in specs and photos...

I'm chasing a 25HP raise (150 to 175). The boat has no max weight rating, just a max HP size (pre 2006).


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 mine was done through the

Sun, 2021-01-03 18:35

 mine was done through the manufacturer

phoned them - they send me out the plate

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 As a follow up FYI, for

Thu, 2021-01-21 07:45

 As a follow up FYI, for anyone else looking to do the same in the future... I ended up getting KPS Maritime to undertake an engineering assessment to get the APB upgraded from a 150 to a 175. Easy process which pretty much consisted of taking a stack of photos, specs and measurements for them to assess. $470 later, all sorted. Highly recommended.



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Also used KPS Marine to take

Mon, 2021-01-25 17:41

Also used KPS Marine to take my 7m assassin from 200hp to 300hp