G'day everyone, Ive joined up to the site as I am planning a trip from Qld over the top end and down the coast of WA next year and Im trying to make an ittinerary of where I should be at the best times. Im a lure fishing fanatic but Im not afraid of using livies or bait if reqd. Any pointers on when I should be hitting various spots down the WA coast when certain runs of fish species are active would be greatly appreciated. Im not asking for anyones spot x....just general areas and times would be great. Im towing a Horizon 452 side console with a 60hp four stroke behind a hilux 4x4 so beach launches are possible. Any tips or advice would be warmly received....cheers, Billy.



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Tue, 2011-08-09 19:59

for kalbarri/geraldton/dongara area

its a bit of a broad range of spots but pretty good coastline and fishing anywhere you can get access to the water

Welcome to the site as well.....

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Gday Billy da Kid,Pretty much

Tue, 2011-08-09 20:10

Gday Billy da Kid,

Pretty much when you get to WA, it depends on what time of year you intend to get here to maximise the opportunity of catching an 'iconic' fish. Warmer months are beter suited to the creeks (Barra, threadies etc but they are still available year round) whilst the cooler months are 'better' for the pelagics, especially fishing from the craft you describe. Prime bottom fish also come in closer during the cooler months so that may also be of interest.

Wyndham, Kalumbaru, Derby, Roebourne with a beach (Sorry, I meant Broome), Port Smith, 80 mile, Hedland and Dampier are all good places to stop into prior to getting to the mecca that is Exmouth. If you havent been to WA before, leave your memories of the big maroon behind as even our 'best' tourist attraction towns, may be deemed to lack a little in service or variety - not being negative Nancy, just telling the truth.

If you have a trade though, you can join the rest of us uneducated, overpaid drongo's making millions!


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With Lastchance

Wed, 2011-08-10 09:36

Be careful when you get to Hedland and Karratha/dampier. Someone will more than likely snuffle you up for a job, and before you know it your stuck.

But as he said prime fishing with just a little help. Definitely boat territory because of the tidal influence. Shore based fishing above Exxy is do-able, but very much influenced by the tides. Classic example is 40Mile (oops 80Mile - forty mile is a site below Karratha 40miles away) beach. Streams of people fishing the building tide 2 hrs to high, then to 2hrs max after the drop.

A boat opens up heaps off options.

Once down to Exxy the tides arent that significant, although still important, and shore based is a much more viable option.

Mate anywhere along the coast is a go. Just ask on here or the local servo and you more than likely will be pointed somewhere.

I just love Dampier, as there is always somewhere to fish, and if the wind is up, hide in a lea of the many islands, drop the gear to very sporty, and you still have a ball (even though the table may stay empty).



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Coral Bay

Tue, 2011-08-09 20:14

Hi Billy

Welcome to the site...look forward to your reports.

Last year we were in Coral Bay in April and the weather was fantastic. Only had a 14' runabout with us so we only fished and dived inside the reef, but saw plenty of reds, etc at the cleaning station, that were caught out wide.

Good luck with the trip, sounds like you'll have a ball.




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80 mile beach is beautiful

Wed, 2011-08-10 10:40

80 mile beach is beautiful spot to fish.  Bring a surf rod and catch gigantic threadfin salmon.  Need spring tides for this or the water does not come in far enough.

I would recommend you do your barra fishing in the Kimberly or Northern Territory.  The Pilbara barra is a hard beast to find.

During winter / spring, there are billfish easy to find around Dampier.  On a calm day your boat will make it to the ships anchorage, where a lot of billfish are found.  Let us know of your whereabouts on the trip, I may be able to take ya out for session in my boat when you hit Karratha.

good luck

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Ah and you'll get use to me, Im rude!!!

Wed, 2011-08-10 10:47

Welcome to the site. Best in Oz for information. Just ask and you will receive.


PS Watch Pale Ale though - He is only good at helping other unfortunate Fishwrecker put their boat back on a trailer when it falls onto the road!!!


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if you make it further south

Wed, 2011-08-10 11:53

if you make it further south then, don't forget easter salmon in the southwest and winter pinkies in the greater metro area