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Hi all.
I have a mate who has a Haines signature 500C that we normally use for shallow fishing inside the 3 mile.
There are days when the weather is good that we would like to go out to to 30s, 40s etc but his electronics totally dont hack it
He is now talking about upgrading his sounder and transducer but space is very limited. Current sounder is a lowrance 332. This is in the centre of 2 round gauges on either side of the lowrance 332 which give fuel, RPM, trim etc
His engine is is Yamaha F80 4 stroke and I was wondering if an engine interface could be installed to take the place of the 2 round gauges.
Any suggestions as to a new sounder that we could squeeze into the limited space and a decent transducer and possible suggestions as how to get round the limited panel space would be much appreciated


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